What Makes the Cloud a Natural Fit for Distribution Software

Cloud-based distribution software makes perfect sense for so many reasons. The cloud offers flexibility, scalability, and up-to-date technology that is hard to compete with. It also offers the ability to choose your level of adoption. 

Look at a few reasons the cloud perfectly fits distribution software.

Streamlined Efficiency

As a central repository for businesses' critical business data, cloud-based software benefits companies by integrating all departments under one roof. This naturally creates better efficiency over on-premises repositories and information silos that are typically scattered and disorganized. 

When all resources are centralized, every department can access the data they need to make critical decisions. Collaboration is simplified because everyone has the same information. This system creates laser-focused efficiency that just isn’t possible any other way.

Customize with Ease

With the tremendous number of add-ons and industry-specific functions, it is easy to customize a cloud system for the unique needs of the distribution industry as a whole as well as configure your applications for the specific distribution industry you serve, from home goods to electronics and more. 

Additionally, your software can change and grow with your needs and the evolution of technology. The vendor manages hardware and data servers, IT support, and system updates and upgrades so companies are not tied to infrastructure and ongoing maintenance costs. 

Controlled Costs

Customization is not just for company workflows. You can customize your licensing to fit your consumption without incurring extra fees. While your overall cost will ultimately depend on the system you choose, you can control these costs depending on deployment options, your preferred support level, the size of your business, and your required industry edition.

You can choose a monthly subscription fee or simply purchase your software license outright. Most vendors also charge a fee for each user of the system. You eliminate this fee when you choose Acumatica for your software solution. Other cost-related factors include necessary customizations as well as any third-party extensions you may need.

Superior Support

Your IT team has enough on its plate. Investing in cloud-based distribution software eliminates the low-value tasks that take up valuable time and outsources them to your software vendor. Doing this empowers your IT team to support ROI-boosting activities that help your company grow. 

You also gain unparalleled support from software experts committed to your values and increasing your profits. Acumatica recognizes outstanding vendors who cultivate strong relationships and work as partners to grow your business. This year, Mindover Software was recognized for its excellence as a distribution partner. Using Mindover's free distributor guide, you will learn how to make the most of your ERP system's many layers of reporting.

Find Your Perfect Fit

Cloud-based distribution software is the future, and the future is now. When it comes to gaining a competitive edge, you can’t waste time, or you’ll be quickly left behind. Staying competitive requires investing time and resources into projects that add value, regardless of the size of your organization. Transitioning to the cloud offers several advantages over maintaining your infrastructure on-premises, including improved performance and cost-effective solutions for day-to-day IT administrative tasks.

By Mindover Software - Acumatica Gold Certified Partner

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