Top 12 Key Performance Indicators for Manufacturing


Most manufacturers need help with tracking and management of their production processes. The right key performance indicators (KPIs) can help manufacturers track the production metrics and measure the key strengths and weaknesses within the production environment.

Why Should Manufacturers Use Manufacturing KPIs?

Manufacturing KPIs are quantifiable production performance measures manufacturers use to boost productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and lower costs. Monitoring KPIs helps manufacturers track essential metrics, evaluate performance, and make necessary adjustments. But which KPI production metrics should you measure and when?

Top 12 Manufacturing KPIs and How to Calculate Them

1.     On-time Delivery to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

2.     Production Schedule Attainment to determine the performance issues that can impact deliveries.

3.     Total Cycle Time to evaluate the time taken to complete the customer order, from production to shipment.

4.     Throughput to check the overall machine performance in real-time.

5.     Capacity Utilization to ensure that machines run at maximum capacity and increase efficiency.

6.     Changeover Time to track the production run time and evaluate the areas for improvement.

7.     Yield to measure the products manufactured without errors based on the total production.

8.     Scrap to track the raw material that is not used in production.

9.     Planned Maintenance to determine the emergency maintenance as a part of the total maintenance.

10.  Availability to measure the uptime and downtime of machines.

11.  Customer Return Rate to identify the rejected goods by customers.

12.  Overall Equipment Effectiveness to measure the ability of equipment for production in context to availability, performance, and quality.

Learn more about important manufacturing production KPIs and how to calculate them.

Make Your KPIs Actionable with Modern Cloud Manufacturing ERP Solution

Modern Cloud Manufacturing ERP offers advanced functionality to identify and capitalize on various ways to increase productivity and revenues. It provides dashboards that indicate the KPIs to gain real-time business insights. The pre-defined KPIs of ERP help manufacturers track critical management issues, analyze information, and make improvements as needed. Learn how a modern cloud manufacturing ERP system can make these KPIs actionable.

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