Automate Expense Management with Gorilla Expense for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Microsoft’s latest iteration of Dynamics NAV) is the fastest-growing cloud-based ERP solution for small to large businesses. There’s good reason for that. Dynamics 365 BC provides robust management functionality for finances, human resources, manufacturing, projects, sales, and marketing. It’s perfect for growing companies that want their ERP software to keep up with their evolution. Successfully doing that will include expense management.

However, any ERP solution is only as good as the data entered. When it comes to expense reporting, accuracy is crucial, and manual expense entry could lead to delays, inaccuracy, compliance issues, or even fraud. Business is conducted differently these days, especially since the pandemic drove workers from the office. Many companies conduct business nationally or even globally. And some jobs have always been mobile. If you have employees working offsite and incurring business-related expenses, you need an expense reporting system that is easy for them to use, accurate, and compliant. And it must integrate seamlessly with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC.

Gorilla Expense fully integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC as well as earlier versions of Dynamics NAV.

Eliminate data errors to minimize financial risks

Gorilla Expense seamlessly integrates with Dynamics 365 BC to give you more visibility, control, and insight into your company’s travel and other expenses. This cloud-based, mobile, paperless solution will help eliminate manual entry and re-entry errors. It will also speed up the travel and expense workflow and prevent reimbursement delays.

Streamline your expense reporting process

With Gorilla Expense’s integrated solution, you can automate many tasks within Dynamics 365 BC, such as sharing financial data, automating expense entries, and creating and distributing reports. You’ll also simplify your expense reporting and reimbursement processes while reinforcing your company’s policies and regulations.

Gorilla Expense is the one-stop expense management software for modern businesses

Eliminate the stress of chasing receipts

With mobile capabilities, employees can enter expense details on the spot from anywhere. There will be no more lost receipts or delayed reimbursements. Gorilla Expense makes reporting easier for your employees, admins, and accounting team.

Gain complete visibility into your corporate spending

Managers will have full visibility into the company’s expenses so they can optimize spending budgets and forecast cash flow for upcoming trips and projects.

Here are some of the tools you’ll find in the Gorilla Expense solution:

  • Receipt Box: Get rid of paper receipts, and don’t clutter your phone gallery with receipts.
  • Receipt Tags: Add accounting-related details and comments on the receipts stored in the Receipt Box.
  • Email Forward: Turn emails into receipts by forwarding them to your Receipt Box.
  • Auto-Merge Receipts: Automatically merge receipts with credit card charges.
  • Receipt Fraud Protection: Auto flag duplicate receipts or mismatched amounts.
  • Multi-Page Receipts: Compile multiple receipts and supporting documents into a single PDF.

Gorilla Expense offers a complete expense management system for companies of all sizes across various industries. Our paperless solution focuses on usability and people. It’s simple, intuitive, secure, and powerful. Crackdown on reckless spending with features that solve real business problems.

If you’re ready to learn more about Gorilla Expense’s complete expense reporting platform, contact us to schedule a demo.

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