Acumatica Recognizes Mindover Corporation for Excellence as Small to Midsized Distribution Partner 2023

Winter seems to be the time for awards ceremonies—the Oscars, the Grammys, and yes, even industry-specific awards. And this winter, we are thrilled to announce that Acumatica, one of the best-known and loved enterprise resource planning platforms in the market, has recognized Mindover Corporation for its excellence as a distribution partner.

According to Acumatica, the company chose to recognize two smaller partners across the four industry Editions for their excellence. Mindover Corporation was listed as the Distribution Partner winner in this new category.

Acumatica presents these awards annually based upon how well each reseller’s business strategies align with their focus: growing the customer base, retaining clients, and ensuring a high degree of satisfaction with the service and solutions provided. The award was presented to Mindover based upon this set of criteria and recognizes that they have excelled in these key areas.

Award-Winning Consultants Bring More to the Project Than Know-How

It is truly an honor to be named a company of excellence by Acumatica. Acumatica is known worldwide for its commitment to customer values, and the acknowledgement of Mindover Corporation’s alignment with Acumatica’s core values and key initiatives underscores the exceptional service and solutions that Mindover brings to its clients.

Awards by themselves mean little. However, when taken in the context in which they are presented, they become quite meaningful.

If your company seeks an ERP partner for an Acumatica implementation or customization project, choosing an award-winning distributor means one thing: peace of mind. It means that the Acumatica consultant:

  • Has been honored and recognized as a leader among their peers for service, quality, or both
  • Understands the Acumatica platform and ecosystem, and can apply this knowledge easily to your project
  • Provides exceptional customer service and solutions

Several case studies demonstrate how the company was able to solve customer problems and leverage Acumatica to its best ability to support company operations.

Twang Partners, a company that manufactures seasonings for the food and beverage industry, called on Mindover to help with an Acumatica implementation to help them weather the challenges of swift growth.

American Sign required a highly customized version of Acumatica to accommodate its unique sign-making business. Mindover provided the right level of support and guidance to provide them with an ERP that helped their business thrive.

Miller Veterinary Supply needed a robust Acumatica implementation to support its network of distributors and warehouses. The solution has helped the mature company step into its next phase of growth.

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By Mindover Software - Acumatica Gold Certified Partner

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