Actionable Insights with Gorilla Expense’s Advanced Expense Reporting

Businesses globally are working to become leaner, more efficient, and more profitable. And you might say that the key to making wise financial decisions is having up-to-the-minute data and the tools to make sense of it. Advanced Expense Reporting can make business life easier for your employees and more profitable for your organization.

Gorilla Expense offers full expense reporting software that works seamlessly with your Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution to provide 360-degree visibility into employee spending. Manage expense policies and compliance, enable efficient, timely reimbursements, and gain insight into expense trends.

Gorilla Expense’s Advanced Expense Management Software highlights six actionable insights to help you manage your company’s expenses, optimize your expense budget, and benefit your bottom line.

Cost-efficient travel plans

With detailed data about your employee’s spending when they travel, you’ll have the information you need to build cost-efficient travel policies, budgets, plans, and itineraries. You’ll know which locations and transportation options are more appropriate and cost-effective.

Vendor partnerships

Once you are familiar with an area and its resources, whether by experience or collected data, you can pursue vendor partnerships. A frequent-user agreement can save your organization money for hotels, transportation, eateries, or any service relevant to your business.


Budgeting doesn’t just mean throwing money at a situation. You want to know that your money is being used wisely. Do you need to revise your budget to bring it into line with industry standards? Gorilla Expense’s expense reports help you see precisely how your allocated expense budget is being used. Is there a particular period in the financial year that your employees are spending more? This could point towards a seasonal shift you may not have considered.

Spot fraudulent expenses

Expense reporting enables you to understand every employee’s spending habits (whether frugal or irresponsible) and helps you spot fraudulent activities or expenditures.

Transparent corporate card spend

Gorilla Expense gives you real-time credit card reconciliation with macro and micro-level insights. Seeing what is spent at all merchants and vendors and by which employees can help you control costs and flag any that are out of line with your company’s policies. You can automatically create expense reports for each user corresponding to the credit card statement dates. Use real-time reporting to see every business spend with complete transparency.

Seamless integration with your existing finance system

The best expense reporting solution must work seamlessly with your current accounting system. Empower your accounting teams with smooth integration across Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions and others. Get 100% visibility on spending, sync master data, and track expenses across custom dimensions. Gorilla Expense Advanced Expense Reporting is a highly flexible solution that will present your data in a way that makes the most sense.

Gorilla Expense provides automated integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Sage Intacct. This feature automatically posts expense data into Business Central in real time with a single click. We will configure various aspects of this integration as needed.

Eliminate the need to manually enter data into Business Central, thus reducing errors and maximizing efficiency. Gorilla Expense supports inbound (Purchase Invoices, General Journals) and outbound (jobs, tasks, etc.) integration with the latest versions of Business Central.

To learn more about how Gorilla Expense can streamline your company’s expense reporting, contact our experts at Gorilla Expense.

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