Top 5 Benefits of Automated Expense Reporting

How you handle business expense reporting can affect your accounting processes, employee retention and satisfaction,  and ultimately your profitability. Every organization must deal with expenses. And the easier and more efficient your workflow for recording, reporting, verifying, and processing expenses, the better for everyone involved.

If your company still relies heavily on paper-based, manual expense reporting, you are missing out on some powerful benefits.

Enjoy the ease and efficiency of a paperless, automated, cloud-based expense reporting software and see the advantages to your company.

5 top reasons to automate expense reporting

1. Reduced errors

As long as you rely on manual, paper-based processes, you risk human error. That’s especially true if receipts pass through several hands. Mistakes happen. Even the most detail-oriented, careful employees can slip up. They may misplace or overlook receipts, create duplicate entries, omit a decimal point, or file an expense incorrectly. An automated expense reporting solution such as Gorilla Expense will help your team reduce errors. Gorilla Expense alerts users immediately if input errors such as incorrect information, duplications, or illegitimate expenses are submitted.

2. Speedy, streamlined workflows

Switching from a paper-based to an automated system will significantly speed up your reporting and reimbursement processes. Employees no longer need to keep paper slips or clutter their phone’s photo gallery with snapshots of receipts. Our advanced Receipt Box lets you store input receipts with a few easy taps.

Digitize your spending rules and approval processes, and establish expense policy limits. Limit large expenses with transaction-level limitations and enforce records depending on spending.

Dynamically add additional layers of approval for expenses and reports that surpass a predetermined threshold.

Configure the system so that each expense report line is routed to the appropriate Job Manager for approval.

Flag expense policy limit violations, potential duplicates, and receipt mismatch warnings at the time of approval.

Assign, track, and enforce budget limits by expense type for each employee or each role.

Eliminate the frustration and hard feelings caused by a drawn-out expense reimbursement process.

3. Seamless integration 

Gorilla Expense easily integrates with your existing accounting software, so there’s no need for a costly system overhaul. This means the transition and adoption of your new automated expense processing solution will be seamless and easy to learn.

Gorilla Expense lets you enjoy automated integration with Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions as well as Sage ERP systems like Intacct, your trusted and familiar business accounting software. The integration supports all versions of Dynamics ERP and many other ERP platforms.

4. Resource savings

You will save your employees from frustration and hard feelings. Further, your company will also save big when it comes to resources such as time, energy, paper, and money. When you automate expense processing, you eliminate printed forms, reports, and documents. Digital information is not so easily lost, destroyed, or misfiled. You also reduce your company’s carbon footprint, thereby boosting your organization’s social responsibility.

5. Increased profits

Crack down on reckless spending with features that solve real business problems and enforce accountability,

Automating expense reports means you use less paper and other related resources, therefore making things more environmentally friendly.

Gorilla Expense streamlines expense reporting with our clean, simple, powerful application integrated with your ERP solution. We give you 100% visibility of your travel and expense spending and offer savings through the automation of expense management. And our flexible pricing to suit your needs makes time and spend management painless and economical.

In a world where everything happens on the go, why make expense reporting a tedious task? Gorilla Expense takes the pain out of expense reporting. For a demo, contact our experts at Gorilla Expense. To learn more, visit our expense reporting best practices blog

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