Streamline Expense Management with Dynamics GP and Gorilla Expense

Businesses of all sizes need easy, seamless, streamlined expense management. Gorilla Expense provides that and more with Gorilla Expense for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Gorilla Expense makes travel and expense reporting a breeze even when your employees are out of the office.

Employees can submit their eligible expenses via their phone or mobile device. Once management approves those expenses, the data will integrate automatically with your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution for a streamlined workflow.

No more gaps between your expense reporting and your accounting solution means:

  • The information is more accurate
  • Your AP team will spend less time inputting data
  • Expenses will be reimbursed sooner

Get rid of the paper and the pain

Many small and midsized businesses still handle expenses the old way with lots of paper, receipts, and manual labor. This counter-productive approach results in oversights, inadequate verification, misplaced receipts, and delayed reimbursements. It’s a headache every step of the way.

And even if you use spreadsheet software such as Excel. Your system is still largely paper-based, error-prone, and less secure. Your Microsoft Dynamics GP will relieve some of the challenges, but even then, there’s more that you can do to streamline your travel and expense management.

Gorilla Expense automatically linked with GP can remove the pain points and save your company more money.

Work smarter, get better results with Gorilla Expense for GP

With your expense data linked automatically to GP, you gain more insight and visibility into your company’s spending. You can easily create graphic reports providing a clear real-time picture.

Locate all your project-related expenses in one place without worrying about misplaced receipts, data accuracy, and compliance.

Gorilla Expense works with MC2 AIT, Analytical Accounting, Project Accounting, and Binary Stream’s Multi-Entity Management. You can streamline your financial management and accounting, sales and service, and inventory management all in one place and in less time with less hassle.

Gorilla Expense mobile app for employees on the go  

The Gorilla Expense mobile app allows employees to enter and track expenses when they are out of the office. They can log receipts on the spot right from their phone and assign them to different jobs or departments. Or they can split an expense or line item for allocation. And managers can view entered expenses for verification.

Gorilla Expense’s cloud-based expense management software stores your expense information securely in the Cloud for easy retrieval anytime and anywhere. It supports different browsers, so you can be sure to get things done on whatever device, computer, or browser you use.

Time management is also easy because you can record your time logs or time sheets from your phone and send them to your manager without needing to convert anything or learn another software. Meanwhile, managers viewing these transactions in real time can expedite approvals.

The Gorilla Expense report module allows managers and finance officers to generate critical visuals and gain better insight into company spending.

Gorilla Expense works with all the latest versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

You can read more about Expense Reporting for GP with Gorilla Expense.

If you are ready to streamline your expense reporting, contact our experts at Gorilla Expense and ask for a free trial.

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