Elevate Payments & Shipping in 2023


Webinar from REPAY and V-Technologies

There are elements in the market right now which are temporary, and there are elements which will lead to permanent change in almost every aspect of our business operations. Two areas we see time constraints and costly practices are; payments and shipping. Addressing these issues is a big task, the best place to start is a discussion with payment and shipping experts.

REPAY and V-Technologies are B2B partners focused on bringing clients smart solutions for every day business practices. Both are members of the acu-connect community and are teaming up to deliver a powerful webinar for Acumatica users, partners, and prospects.

Join REPAY and V-Technologies on February 23rd at 1pm ET for a unique discussion on:

  1. Improving cash flow with faster and more efficient AR payment and AP payment processes
  2. Streamlining, automating and simplifying how customers engage with your organization
  3. Increasing your customer’s satisfaction, generating positive synergy in your ecosystem

Now is the time to elevate your business, and harness solutions that initiate new sales with ease. Start this year with an investment in automation that optimizes your payment methods and modernizes your shipping solution. This webinar will share how to reduce your time on manual tasks in both your payment and shipping processes.

Register today thru the acu-connect community so you can learn how to elevate your payments and shipping processes.

You can access valuable content from acu-connect through their acuCONNECT Virtual Event Recording Library to elevate all aspects of your business with Certified Acumatica Marketplace solutions.

If you'd like to learn more about how REPAY can help you reimagine payments and adopt next-generation payment processes for Acumatica, download our Acumatica payments collateral kit and we will schedule a call with your team to review your specific needs.

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