Top 10 ERP Cloud Blog Posts of 2022

What topics were the most popular among our ERP Cloud Blog readers? We see best practices to evaluate products and partners, software comparisons and industry trends top the list in 2022.

Here is a list of the top 10 most popular blog posts on the ERP Cloud Blog in 2022. These are the articles that were most popular based on the highest quality scores. Quality score is more than just the amount of traffic, it considers reader engagement, writing style, and more.

Top 10 Rated Posts Based on Quality Scores

1) What Is an ERP Implementation Partner and Why Do I Need One?
By Intelligent Technologies, Inc.
When shopping for an ERP system, you may hear two terms used interchangeably, “ERP implementation partner”, or “ERP partner” for short and “ERP vendor.” While some people may sometimes treat “ERP partner” and “ERP vendor” as the same thing, they’re not.

2) 6 Challenges Accountants Face in Implementing Digital Transformation
By Gorilla Expense
Digital transformation—in all its forms—has been a business talking point for over 30 years. But only in the last decade have organizations truly seen the value of a successful digital transformation strategy. For example, a 2020 Deloitte study discovered that digital technology accelerated business goals by 22%. Not only is implementing a digital strategy an excellent way to boost operational efficiency and support customers, but it can also provide advanced analytics and improve the employee experience.

3) Is Dynamics 365 Business Central or Finance and Supply Chain right for my Business?
By JourneyTEAM
Comparing these two ERP solutions is vital for any organization and will help businesses of various sizes and industries scale to meet their business goals. JourneyTEAM ERP solution experts, Dan Brown, and Ian Wheeler, partnered with MSDW in a recent informative webinar. Outlined below are some popular questions business leaders are asking when deciding between Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain (F&SC) and Business Central (BC) and which solution best fits their unique needs.

4) Accounts Payable for all SMBs
By Maureen Cole, REPAY
Small to medium businesses (SMBs) across the country are balancing the stability of headcount, supply chain issues and rising interest rates. Most are manipulating cash on hand to navigate economic hardships, pushing the need to acquire solutions that offer savings, speed, and efficiency.

5) How Business Silos Prohibit Scale Due to Operational Inefficiencies
By OptiProERP with SAP Business One
Complex and siloed business systems burden many organizations and lead to inefficient business operations. According to the IDC, companies lose 20-30% of their annual revenues from operational inefficiencies.

6) Seven Reasons Your ERP Implementation Might Fail (And How To Avoid It)
By Godlan, Inc.
You’ve heard all about the many benefits  that ERP has to offer: improved accuracy, more expedient response times, better access to customer data, etc.  ERP systems offer endless opportunities and can help you take your business beyond your goal operating level, but the reality is that there are downsides.  Full disclosure, ERP statistics show that 50% of ERP implementations fail the first time around, and 30% of systems take longer to implement than expected. Despite the countless positives, just like most things in life, sometimes our technology fails us.  Can you avoid the common implementation failures of ERP systems? Of course, you can, if you keep the following things in mind:

7) Why You Need the Azure Cloud for your ERP as The Foundation of Your Digital Transformation?
By Technology Management Concepts
In the current digital economy, enterprises must invest in technologies to support ongoing business processes and drive new sources for competitive differentiation. The advent of the internet, the mobile explosion, and the big data analytics revolution require dedicated IT systems that offer constant support and engagement in company operations. It will provide accurate insights to make critical business decisions to boost productivity and customer service.

8) How Acumatica Project Accounting Makes Life Easier for Service-Based Businesses
By CAL Business Solutions, Inc.
Virtually any service-based business can benefit from a robust project accounting solution. Staying productive and profitable requires accurately estimating projected costs, tracking expenses, managing time and people, providing flexible billing for customers, and more. Project accounting is a function that CAL Business Solutions’ customers are asking for more and more, and we use it internally ourselves.

9) Tackle Supply Chain Disruptions with SourceDay’s ERP Software Add-on
By SourceDay
Unexpected events can cause serious supply chain disruptions and delays.  The ongoing pandemic is just the latest wrench thrown into the supply chain.  Other obstacles, such as financial crises and natural disasters, make it hard to predict delays and shortages.  How can you safeguard your business and cope with disruptions and severe delays during this “new normal”?

10) 4 Ways to Automate MRO
By Clients First
Maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) business are unique and there are few solutions built specifically to address their unique needs. ProMRO was designed with the needs of your MRO business in mind. We developed ProMRO to make it easy to organize and track critical projects and data so that your business can run efficiently and grow predictably. For companies that also offer parts sales, ProMRO incorporates functionality to fulfill your orders and track backorders more easily.

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