Expense Reporting at Its Best with Gorilla Expense and Microsoft Dynamics SL

If yours is a project-based business, you have various challenges when it comes to expense reporting. You deal with multiple contractors, each with specific considerations, deadlines, etc. If you are using Microsoft Dynamics SL, you realize that manual entry of data related to your various clients and projects can be tedious and error-prone. Gorilla Expense offers a better way for project-based businesses to report expenses using Microsoft Dynamics SL.

Many businesses rely on Microsoft Dynamics SL to integrate their project management and accounting. But for true efficiency, more is needed. Gorilla Expense seamlessly works with Microsoft Dynamics SL to enhance project-based expense management.

Here are some expense reporting considerations and a solution using Gorilla Expense and Microsoft Dynamics SL.

Expense reporting software for project-driven companies

Project-driven companies cater to various industries, such as construction and engineering. Many small and mid-sized organizations use Dynamics SL to manage projects that may occur consecutively or even simultaneously.

Microsoft Dynamics SL combines project management and accounting to track job costings, materials management, receiving, billing, sales, and more.

But a unique consideration for project-based companies is that many consultants and employees operate out of the office. Without mobile capabilities,  managers and finance teams often must serve as in-house intermediaries. That causes delays and carries the risk of input error.

Gorilla Expense integrates seamlessly with your Dynamics ERP

Project-driven businesses need to contain costs and closely monitor activities and expenses associated with each project. They need insight into the forecasted budget vs. actual expenditure. And they need the data available in real-time. Gorilla Expense features two-way integration with Dynamics SL to sync project specifics with your accounting software. Gorilla Expense eliminates the need for AP or Finance to manually key in data into SL.

Tracking labor, overhead, and miscellaneous costs as they occur is vital to a project's success. A convenient, efficient, paperless, secure, and reliable solution with mobile capabilities will be a game-changer for your company. Employees can track and submit costs from the job site. Managers can track those costs in real time and measure them against project budgets. Our solution allows you to take complete control of each project.

Microsoft Dynamics SL facilitates flexible billing and invoicing,  benefiting your company and your clients. With systems in place to make collection fast and easy,  your teams can move on to the next project quickly and seamlessly. Efficiency also affects client perception and the prospects for further growth.

In addition, Gorilla Expense with Microsoft Dynamics SL will optimize visibility for quick detection of errors, discrepancies, or cost overruns. Left unchecked, even minor errors can quickly add up, costing your company in the long run.

With Dynamics SL and Gorilla Expense, you'll have a faster, more intelligent, and more flexible way to manage travel and expense reports for all your projects. Stay on top of your resources project after project, whether they run simultaneously or consecutively.

Gorilla Expense provides robust two-way integration with Microsoft Dynamics SL, so you can post expense data into SL (Payables Voucher) from Gorilla Expense. And you can configure the solution to meet your company's and your clients' unique requirements.

Gorilla Expense is a simple and intuitive expense reporting software focusing on usability and people. It's a completely paperless solution with features that solve real business problems.

Contact our experts or schedule a free demo to learn more about Gorilla Expense. To learn more, visit our expense reporting best practices blog

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