5 Reasons for Choosing Azure Cloud Services

5 Reasons for Choosing Azure Cloud Services

Advancement in technology is indisputably revolutionizing all spheres of human living. It is a factual reality that contemporary lifestyle is more appealing and efficient in comparison to life in the ancient epoch.

In accordance with the Darwinian theory of survival for the fittest, any attempt by either an individual or an organization to maintain rigidity by shunning conforming to tech-innovation is a sure path to a disastrous downfall. Technology ought to be adopted by all to meet modern needs and improve on the quality of product. That is why as a premier Microsoft partner, our focal point is to bring all your technological needs to your fingertips. 

How Cloud will Help You 

  • It will enable you to mainly reduce the cost of running a small business. This is through the provision of several services both at scalable and reasonable prices hence saving on money.
  • A cloud  is a sure guarantee of flexibility. With the availability of an internet connection, it is very much possible to access crucial files and other data using any device and within the scope of any geographical location.
  • Cloud computing also ensures data security. This is attributed to its level of sophistication that is relatively immune to viruses, hacking and malware.
  • In addition, cloud will help you in integration and active collaboration of data. 

Business Intelligence 

Success in any given business in the modern setting exalts the role played by business intelligence. However, how will business intelligence be able to propel a business to success? 

  • It enables the entire corporate heads fraternity to arrive at conscious business decisions. This is attributed to its specialization in the process of data analyzing and presentation of information that is actionable.
  • Business intelligence avails several methodologies, applications, and tools that are needed by organizations in data collection. Data is collected from both external and internal sources after which it is analyzed and subjected to further processing until analytic results of a business operation are obtained. 

Now that you’re onboard with the cloud, which cloud service should you choose? If you want to operate your business activities like most Fortune 500 companies, then Microsoft Azure is your best option.  

Microsoft Azure was launched in 2008 and became commercially available in 2010. Ever since it has never stopped rising in popularity.  

Here are 5 Reasons for Choosing Azure Cloud Services

A Pay-as-You-Go Model 

Instead of spending a huge amount upfront for setting up the infrastructure and software, businesses can easily scale up and down according to their needs with Azure's huge selection of IaaS and PaaS solutions. Many software development teams are utilizing Azure's PaaS solutions to create their apps with ease. 

An Easy Learning Curve 

Unlike Amazon's AWS which requires a steep learning curve, Microsoft's Azure supports many common programming languages such as C#, C++ or Visual Basic. Programmers who already have a good grasp of such languages can easily develop cloud-based applications without going through extensive training. 

World-Class Security Features 

With Microsoft behind its back, Azure is equipped with the latest security technologies to make sure your applications and business data are safe and secure against potential threats. Given how much companies usually have to spend on security, moving to Azure is a smart decision that offers you better protection at a fraction of the cost. 

Scalable Azure Hosting Services 

Forget all about finding a reliable web hosting service to support your ever-growing business. With Azure, you can start small and grow big in a matter of seconds given how flexible the infrastructure is designed to be. You only pay for the resources used. This eliminates the wasted cost of paying for idle servers during low-traffic periods. 

Gain Insights into Your Data 

Big data is a buzzword these days, yet not many businesses are able to fully take advantage of it. Part of the problem is the lack of resources to put together data from different sources and perform the necessary analysis to learn from such data. With Azure, businesses can utilize the SQL and NoSQL data services to store their data and perform analysis easily with built-in support. 

There are several benefits to moving to the cloud. However, to make the move as smooth and cost-effective as possible, you should work with an official Microsoft Azure partner. Contact us today to learn more about the necessary steps to take your business to the cloud! 

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