5 Ways Manufacturing Cloud ERP Software Transforms an Industrial Machinery Shop Floor

Have you visited a modern manufacturing plant recently? There may be only 4-5 people on the floor that are watching multiple displays to monitor the entire production process, a traditional manufacturing plant has many people working on the shop floor. The only difference is ‘Digital Transformation”.

Embracing digital transformation and adopting an integrated cloud solution is no longer a choice for industrial machinery manufacturers.

Why Automate the Shop Floor and Your Industrial Machinery Business?

Industrial machinery manufacturing starts on the shop floor. It is where raw material is processed, machines are used for production, parts are assembled, and products are manufactured. When the shop floor is automated and streamlined, industrial machinery manufacturers experience improved employee morale, greater production efficiency, increased on-time deliveries, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Industrial machinery manufacturing companies that adopt manufacturing cloud ERP with a Shop Floor Execution System (SFES) achieve greater productivity from equipment and workers, a connected end-to-end supply chain, and better operational efficiency.

5 Ways Manufacturing Cloud ERP Software Transforms Industrial Machinery Manufacturing Businesses

1. Improved Decision Making with Real-Time Data Insights

Tracking of materials and production is easy with manufacturing cloud ERP. It provides real-time information on shop floor activities, production status, and performance based on shifts, workers, and machines. It helps you make better business decisions while increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

2. Seamless Connectivity to Respond Quickly to Change

A manufacturing cloud ERP solution provides collaboration across sales, purchasing, logistics, shipping, and customer service. Other departments can access shop floor information so customer service can quickly answer order status questions, sales can see available inventory, and purchasing can keep the right levels of inventory on hand.

3. Increased Control and Revenue

Real-time information on industrial machinery shop floor activities keeps tighter control over processes and improves decision-making. The result is minimized downtime and reduced costs. Each of these factors contributes positively to the company’s bottom line.

4. Better Demand Forecasting

Manufacturing cloud ERP gives companies fast access to changes in demand so they can stay on track with production. Key information, such as production levels, parts used, and the scrap produced, helps forecast demand accurately, reduces inventory, and avoids overproduction.

5. Enhanced Quality Performance to Increase Customer Satisfaction

Manufacturing cloud ERP software provides essential data from different areas of the organization to ensure quality control. With integrated manufacturing cloud ERP software, industrial machinery manufacturers eliminate the risk of referencing the wrong bill of material (BOM), or missing product instruction revisions. The software maintains a history of the entire product lifecycle and identifies quality deviations to improve customer satisfaction. Learn 5 quality assurance best practices for manufacturers.

Increase Your Business Potential with Manufacturing Cloud ERP Software

Automating and connecting your industrial machinery shop floor with the rest of your business addresses many challenges related to labor, quality, inventory, and the supply chain. Manufacturing cloud ERP combines manufacturing best practices with digital technologies for a high-performing shop floor and business. Investing in manufacturing cloud ERP software builds resilience, increases efficiency, reduces costs, and maximizes your business potential. Learn more about the benefits of manufacturing cloud ERP.


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