10 Tips and Tricks for Using Acumatica Cloud ERP

Acumatica cloud ERP remains one of the most user-friendly cloud ERP platforms on the market. It receives top awards for usability. In the latest G2 Review, for example, Acumatica scored the highest marks for usability out of mid-market ERP systems.

Although Acumatica is indeed easy to use, like every platform, there are certain tips and tricks that can help users get more from it. Below are 10 we recommend as they cover the major time-saving shortcuts most companies need.

Be sure to review Acumatica documentation as well. Their user forum also contains great insights and helpful resources for Acumatica users.

Acumatica Tips and Tricks: 10 Ways to Get More from Acumatica Cloud ERP

  1. Embed quick widgets. Acumatica enables you to add various tools to your dashboard. Think quick widgets such as currency converters, calendars, and other time-savers. Use these to add specific functions you use frequently.
  2. Use Shift and the F key to Filter. Acumatica is a powerful ERP system. It can store massive amounts of data, which is both good and bad. The good side is that you can utilize this data in multiple ways. The bad side is that it can be very challenging to sort manually. However, depressing Shift and the F key enables you to filter via columns. It’s a great quick time saver.
  3. Use drag and drop to move items. Acumatica enables users to drag and drop data to add it to system records. You can drag and drop items such as documents, inventory lists, and spreadsheets to move them quickly into each record as needed.
  4. Use column configuration to update grids. Acumatica comes with a column configuration tool, available at one click, to configure columns the way you prefer them. So, if your display is not to your liking, click and change it.
  5. Export to Excel. Data from Acumatica cloud ERP can be exported into Excel as needed. This is helpful if you need to move data, charts, or graphs into PowerPoint, for example, for a presentation. Because both Excel and PowerPoint are Microsoft products, using Excel enables the presentation software to display graphs correctly, resize them, and more.
  6. One of the reasons many users love Acumatica is that it enables third-party platforms to create integrations via an open-source API. The Acumatica Marketplace provides a wealth of third-party extensions for everything from e-commerce to tax automation.
  7. Edit menus. Don’t like how your Dashboard displays menus? Edit them. You can rearrange, change, or move menus in Acumatica to set up a custom display.
  8. Change colors. You can also change colors on screen in Acumatica. This enables you to color code various companies if you work across multiple companies in the system.
  9. Learn multiple ways to open tabs. Acumatica provides three ways to open tabs: right click on links, control click, or directly click on a link. Depending on how you prefer to work with the system, one method may be faster and easier to remember for you.
  10. Watch videos to learn more tricks. We’ve put together a library of Acumatica tips and tricks videos to help you learn the most useful tips for time saving and efficiency. Subscribe to the YouTube channel where these videos are listed and click the bell icon when you subscribe to receive notification of new videos when they are posted.

Master Acumatica with Ease

Acumatica cloud ERP offers a powerful midmarket ERP for companies seeking complete data visibility for better decision making. It offers exceptional accounting, finance, and operational data, and integrates with many popular third-party tools. With sufficient training and tips and tricks such as these, you will master the system quickly and gain exceptional value from it.

By Mindover Software - Acumatica Gold Certified Partner

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