Tackle Supply Chain Disruptions with SourceDay’s ERP Software Add-on

Unexpected events can cause serious supply chain disruptions and delays.  The ongoing pandemic is just the latest wrench thrown into the supply chain.  Other obstacles, such as financial crises and natural disasters, make it hard to predict delays and shortages.  How can you safeguard your business and cope with disruptions and severe delays during this “new normal”?

Recently, Mike Romeyn of SourceDay met with Kelly Grato, procurement manager at RESCO, to discuss how SourceDay’s solution is helping that manufacturer/supplier meet the challenges during the pandemic and beyond.

Watch the recorded webinar here.

SourceDay can help your team improve supply chain performance and strengthen supplier relationships.  Read on to learn about SourceDay’s valuable features.

SourceDay’s Radar

Suppliers need to up to date information.  When orders change, they need to know what’s missing, how the change will impact their shipments, and what they should expect.  SourceDay’s Radar integrates into your existing ERP Software and automatically updates suppliers without inundating them with calls and emails.

RESCO schedules updates every Monday, and SourceDay pings suppliers for anything due within the next month. Because SourceDay automates these processes, RESCO’s team can focus on more profitable pursuits (such as nurturing supplier relationships) rather than tedious updates or manual administrative tasks.

SourceDay’s Tasks

SourceDay built The Tasks feature with suppliers in mind.  It provides a straightforward, user-friendly dashboard showing everything ordered, back ordered, or late.  Integration of SourceDay with your ERP Software for Distribution increases efficiency and saves time.  RESCO’s suppliers have a real-time view of where they stand.  By grading their on-time delivery, they can understand what’s holding them back and how to improve delivery performance.

From executives to buyers and suppliers, SourceDay’s tools, such as Radar and Tasks, help everyone free up valuable time and resources previously spent emailing suppliers individually and often for each line item or PO change.  Just one click in SourceDay lets you easily and automatically update your clients.  Help their teams and yours navigate the uncertainties of the supply chain by bringing order and predictability to the process.

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn more about how RESCO is leveraging SourceDay to bridge the communication gap between Visual and raw material suppliers.

Ready to see how SourceDay can free up your buyers’ time and improve supplier relationships? Request a demo today to meet with our team.

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