Acumatica Distribution Edition Ranked Easiest to Use

Acumatica Distribution Edition is frequently cited as the easiest distribution ERP to use in survey after survey. The enterprise resource planning software, created especially for distributors, helps automate manual processes and reduce errors. Here are three reasons why choosing the easy-to-use Acumatica distribution software makes sense.

A Single Platform to Manage Multiple Data Streams

Distributors who are used to working with multiple platforms may find the simplicity of the Acumatica distributor solution hard to believe at first. After working with cobbled-together systems to complete one task, accessing a single dashboard to manage multiple tasks seems too easy to be true.

Tasks that Acumatica distribution edition makes easy to manage include inventory, sales orders, purchasing, cost estimation, matrix items, and cross-company transactions.

Consider how you are performing each of these functions now. Inventory and sales orders are two processes that many distributors manage using spreadsheets or paper-based systems. Imagine moving such information into the Acumatica distribution system. Instead of typing data into multiple spreadsheets, a single entry into Acumatica populates dashboards and reports. Now, you can have a complete end-to-end view of the sales order pipeline from start to finish, as well as reports on the sales pipeline, from accessing a report rather than hunting through multiple spreadsheets for the same data.

Makes Inventory Management Easier

Inventory management and control is something that profitable distributors take very seriously. Without sound inventory management processes, it is impossible to run a profitable distribution business.

Acumatica Distribution can help you manage your inventory better to improve cost control and customer satisfaction. With its inventory management function, it becomes easy to set up and manage replenishment logic for automated orders.

Another way in which it makes inventory management easier is through a flexible, customizable interface that allows the user to set up inventory management systems in sync with actual practices. Customers love the fact that they can choose how to track inventory and manage items such as automated orders.

Knowing what stock you have on hand, what is in transit, and when it will arrive is key to fulfilling orders correctly and quickly. The inventory management aspect of Acumatica Distribution makes this part of a distribution business more efficient.

Reduces Costs

Lastly, instead of paying multiple vendors for various platforms, the Acumatica licensing model simplifies payment for the cloud-based system, too.

Acumatica offers various approaches to ERP setup and a use-based pricing model that ensures companies pay only for what they need. Instead of juggling multiple bills, there is one payment that ensures access to financial, accounting, CRM, warehouse, and distribution platforms. The result is an easier, simpler technology stack that can also be adapted to new business challenges.

Acumatica Distribution Edition: Easy, Better ERP

The Acumatica Distribution Edition offers an excellent all-in-one solution for distribution businesses seeking better data visibility, enhanced automation, and increased efficiency. You can learn more about distribution and warehouse management software or download our whitepaper, Distributor’s Guide to Improving Profits.

By Mindover Software - Acumatica Gold Certified Partner

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