DuraMark Enhances Their Agility and Supplier Alignment with SourceDay and Netsuite Cloud ERP

DuraMark had taken the first step toward modernizing their operations – implementing NetSuite ERP for their accounting operations. Unfortunately, that’s where it stopped… for a time.

While the accounting department was benefiting from the new solution, their day-to-day business operations were still dependent on Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and job jackets. Their interdepartmental communications? You guessed it – they walked those job jackets from one station to the next, along with a mix of email, phone, and fax communications, all the way through to job completion.

DuraMark Enhances Their Agility and Supplier Alignment with SourceDay and Netsuite Cloud ERP

Their purchasing process wasn’t much better, depending on the collective knowledge of the employees rather than being organized and recorded. With these disconnected operations, it was a struggle to match NetSuite’s financials to the reality on the shop floor.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t like everything was going south. In fact, DuraMark was growing – and fast. Their secret to success was their rapid turnaround times. Of course, if one of DuraMark’s suppliers couldn’t deliver on time, that created real problems for them. If they were going to keep up the pace, they needed more collaboration and accountability with their supplier network. That’s what drew them to integrate SourceDay with NetSuite ERP.

Fully Adopting NetSuite Pays Off in Spades

By taking advantage of the broad functionality of NetSuite, DuraMark modernized its processes, encompassing not only finance but now also operations and IT, greatly improving communication across all departments. Their digital transformation resulted in sustainable agility and solidifying their supply chain in order to continue delivering the speedy service DuraMark is known for.

How easy was it to integrate SourceDay? Eric Douglass, Business Systems Analyst at DuraMark, noted: “Implementing SourceDay is as close to flipping a switch as you can get.”

How SourceDay Brings It All Together

So how has SourceDay helped DuraMark become more agile and have better supplier collaboration?

For starters, much of the inventory management and purchasing processes have been automated. As orders roll in, the demand is noted in NetSuite. The system sees there is a need for more raw materials, and purchase orders are automatically issued by NetSuite through SourceDay and sent to suppliers.

But it’s a collaborative process. More than simply a notification, the suppliers also log in to SourceDay’s digital cloud interface that provides prescriptive workflows, automatic notifications, and business rules to ensure everyone is focused on the most important transactions. All the while, SourceDay is busy keeping NetSuite up to date – in real time.

Was it a challenge to get DuraMark’s suppliers on board? Eric Douglass comments: “Suppliers that we thought were going to be very hesitant to adopt SourceDay were the first ones to embrace it because of the ease of use, the functionality, and the benefits of having one single source of truth for communications.

Every user of the system is working with accurate, up-to-date information. Moreover, all suppliers know exactly what their priorities are, enabling them all to operate smoothly and cost-effectively.

Bringing Order to the Chaos

Four years ago, DuraMark was coping with what they called “primitive chaos”. Since then, they’ve made great strides in streamlining and modernizing their operations. Once dependable communications and organizational visibility had been achieved internally, they took the next step to modernize the way they interacted with their suppliers. Phone calls, a flurry of emails, as well as much time and effort, have now been replaced with the simple, direct, and clear supply chain communication made possible by SourceDay.

How long did it take? DuraMark’s internal users, along with their suppliers, were trained during the same 6-day period, ensuring no disruption to their operations.

Thanks to the power of NetSuite and SourceDay, DuraMark is no longer burning the candle at both ends to compensate for supplier delays.

Read the full case study.

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