Selection Criteria for an ERP System in a Digital World

Enterprise Resource Planning software is end-to-end business management software designed to manage business operations, including production, sales, purchasing, accounting, human resources, and more. For this significant investment, it is important to realize the selection criteria for an ERP system.

“Which ERP software will meet our business requirements?” is often a common question raised by decision-makers. In this blog, we will see what factors manufacturers should consider before selecting ERP for today’s digital world.

Once you’ve thought about investing in ERP software, it’s important to document the reasons you want new software for managing your business. Let’s explore the reasons for an ERP investment in the points below:

  • Your current software doesn’t meet your business needs
  • Your competitors are getting ahead of you
  • You're wasting time manually tracking and monitoring inventory manually
  • Your employees don't like the software and complain regularly
  • You spend a lot to keep the software updated
  • You have disorganized data, and it’s hard to get the information needed quickly

Always remember your business goals while selecting ERP software. Here are some elements to keep in mind while going through the ERP selection process.

  • Business requirements
  • Management support
  • User support
  • Budget and resources
  • Technology and future scalability
  • Necessary customization
  • Integration with existing systems

While selecting and evaluating ERP solutions, manufacturers should talk about the industry-specific functionality offered, future readiness of the software, if the software integrates with and supports digital capabilities, and what are your expectations for vendors.

A strong and experienced ERP partner can help you maximize your Return on Investment (ROI). The implementation team takes the time to understand your specific requirements and recommends the right tool or solution that will complement your business needs.

When you evaluate multiple ERP options, ask about functionalities, ease of use, if the software is compatible with developing technologies, what the total cost of ownership is, and what training is available for users.

Here are some key questions to ask ERP providers in the selection process.

  • What modules do they provide?
  • Do they support advanced technologies?
  • Do they offer a manufacturing-specific solution?
  • Is their solution customizable and can it integrate with other tools?
  • Are there limitations on the number of users?
  • What kinds of software support do they offer?
  • What is their industry experience?


Clearly defining your selection criteria for an ERP system while embarking on your research can help ensure good communications with vendors about their software. Make sure you understand all aspects of each solution to avoid regrets later.

So, are you embarking on an ERP selection journey? Use the right criteria throughout all the stages of the selection process to evaluate which solution is best for your company. Follow the step-by-step ERP selection process and keep your business requirements in mind when making your decision.

Download OptiProERP’s Roadmap for ERP Selection in Today’s Digital World designed to help manufacturers and distributors choose the best ERP solution for their business needs.

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