3 Signs Your Business Is Ready For Cloud Migration and How To Ease The Transition

3 Signs Your Business Is Ready For Cloud Migration and How To Ease The Transition

There are a few different scenarios where Azure may make sense for you. Below are three instances your business is ready to migrate to Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Infrastructure Nearing End of Life

First, some existing infrastructure may be nearing the end of life. Thus, you may be evaluating the potential of a large capital outlay to replace servers and storage. Azure can help you to replace that type of buying process and move to a new type of storage and backup model. Near the end of life for existing infrastructure is a great point to have that conversation.

Ease Pressure on Existing Capacity

Another reason why you may need the services of Azure is when existing capacity is unable to keep up with demand. You may have a business-critical app that's consuming more resources than you initially planned for, and you are looking at additional hardware investments to support and to keep the rest of the services up and running. In that case, you may build a hybrid model where you extend the existing data center to Azure. That mission critical application could be a good example of the use of Azure and where it can confide into the existing business without necessarily replacing the on-premise infrastructure.

Create Scalability

The other reason is when your business needs to grow around availability, redundancy or scalability. Maybe a line of business app has only had a single server supporting it to date. However, the use of that business app is growing faster than what was anticipated by the IT department. These could all be great examples of where Azure can be used to augment that existing on-premise infrastructure. You may move the entire data center out to Azure, and that can make sense for your business. We can help you with your Azure migration.

If these instances sound familiar, allow Technology Management Concept to accelerate your migration to Azure seamlessly. The Azure support specialists at TMC work to future proof your operations by offering a smooth transition to the cloud, from your on-premise location. The cloud migration will also allow you to mobilize your workloads while offering an upgraded network performance. This will help you to ensure that all your systems are available 24/7.

So, how does TMC offer azure migration services?

Azure Workshop

The first stage involves the identification of IT and business requirements, constraints, and priorities. One that is complete, you will receive recommendations and the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of Azure. This workshop is only going to take approximately two hours.

Migration Plan and Business Case

TMC will assess your current portfolio of applications and other aspects of your IT environment. This step is done to identify the apps that will undergo migration and those that need refactoring.

The TMC team will also quantify for you the ROI of Azure migration. As a business, you will receive ROI details, expert recommendations, and a detailed plan of the migration. The time to complete this stage will depend on the size of the project.

Proof of Concept

TMC will conduct a proof of concept where workloads will be tested to see if migration will be accomplished without any disruptions to your business operations.


A seamless end-to-end migration will be conducted from the data center to the Azure cloud. Once complete, you will have all your workloads operational in the Azure hosting services. A more robust and optimized environment will be available for your apps, which will lead to increased productivity.

If you want to learn more about how you can migrate to Microsoft Azure Cloud, contact us today.

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