Digital Transformation with Microsoft Business Solutions

Dynamics 365 Business Central vs. NetSuite: What to Choose?

Today, digital transformation has become a hot topic. It's a strategy that encourages businesses to adopt the latest technologies to provide better value and experience to their clients. Digital transformation surpasses the old customer engagement channels like advertisements and marketing. It involves modernizing and choosing new software or applications to improve the production and overall efficiency of the business operation.

It's high time to explore the essence of digital transformation and embrace the new changes in the business world.  Read on to learn the top 6 benefits of using Dynamics 365 Business Central to jump-start the Digital Transformation Journey.


Work Flexibility

Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based application; staff members are not tethered to on-premises servers and can therefore have remote or hybrid work plans with the same quality experience as when they work in the office. Various Dynamics 365 applications contain mobile apps such as Sales to allow for even greater flexibility in workplaces.


 Client's Engagement

An automated marketing campaign via customers' journeys in Dynamics 365 Marketing maintains businesses' connection to customers at the best times. These customer journeys are automated, beginning when a customer triggers it through action. They also free up employee time that the staff would have spent manually starting and following through with marketing campaigns. Follow-up time can now be spent on practical business activities.


Better Decision Making

Digital transformation using Dynamic 365 can help you gather data on your customers, sales, and how your systems are performing. This digital data can be successfully used for decision-making. These decisions may include how to market to your customers based on your significant customers, which products to invest in, or which products to switch resources. These are just some decisions that can be made using the digital information that is available to you.


Optimize Supply Chain Management

Obtaining crucial data in the digital era assists with supply management. A business can identify when the supply chain is high or low. Perhaps in winter, your company will sell more products in a different state than the usual one. Digital transformation with Dynamic 365 can help confirm this kind of data and clear any uncertainty. Data acquired will allow businesses to plan events and peaks and valleys in the supply chain efficiently.


Staying Up to Date

The cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution allows you to stay up-to-date with technology trends and fuels your organization's digital transformation. Cloud computing resolves the issues of maintaining software and systems manually. Microsoft will monitor, update, and keep the application effectively and platform by itself.


 Lower Operating Costs

Organizations that still opt for an on-premise server-based system need more computing power and server capacity to operate. Microsoft's cost-effective platform updates and application updates eliminate the need for costly manual version upgrades every time. There is no need for exceptional IT staff to look after the physical servers and on-premise IT systems when everything is on the cloud. Shifting to the cloud can save a lot of money and resources.


How Does Digital Transformation Using Dynamics 365 Impact Your Efficiency?

If you want to secure a competitive edge in today's digital world, consider investing in Microsoft's digital transformation. Aside from getting ahead of the competition, this also helps you guarantee better

  • Productivity
  • Profitability
  • Control
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Overall excellent business transition.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an all-in-one ERP platform allowing you to view real-time insights in one place, eliminating manual reporting, silos data, and multiple excel sheets. Dynamics 365 Business Central ensures data is at the center of your organization, streamlining your processes and making informed business decisions.


Microsoft knows what's required for businesses to thrive and provides the best tools to enable this transformation. Contact us today to learn more.


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