Cloud ERP: Debunking the Myths for the Metals Industry

Are you reluctant to move to the cloud? Perhaps you are putting off the hassle and expense of an upgrade. Maybe you are worried about being locked into a solution you can’t fully control and have security concerns. You are not alone.

There are many myths about the cloud and RealSTEEL is here to debunk them. But the real danger in putting off a digital transformation is that while you wait, your competition is moving forward. Given today’s highly competitive market, you really can’t afford to delay. The digital revolution is already transforming the metals industry, impacting everything from sales, to production, and even delivery. Here’s how.

Myth # 1: Cloud ERP is Costly

You’ve heard cloud pricing can change over time. However, the variability of cloud pricing works to your advantage since you only pay for what you use. Prices are usually monthly and per user and easy to scale up or down depending on your needs. This “pay as you go” model is more predictable and flexible than trying to guess your longer-term future needs and being stuck with a big price tag when buying an on-premises solution.

Cloud-based ERP systems are also more cost-effective. If you utilize a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, all of the costs are typically included in your subscription, allowing you to accurately forecast monthly or annual fees. Pricing includes the infrastructure needed to host the solution as well as any updates. This means you can redirect those hardware and maintenance costs into more strategic initiatives that grow your profit, not reduce it.

Robust cloud ERP solutions such as RealSTEEL are designed specifically for the metals industry and allow you to gain better control over the cost of materials, labor, overhead and even outside processing. By controlling costs and saving time and resources, you can achieve higher levels of operational effectiveness and improve margins.

Myth #2: Cloud ERP is Inflexible

Some clients worry about control when the solution is hosted “outside” of their business. But the good news is that cloud ERP is a lot more flexible than legacy on-premises systems. For example, you can prioritize which features you want to adopt first. You can start with your most important functions and then phase in functionality over time until you achieve full integration across sales, purchasing, production, inventory management, and fulfillment.

RealSTEEL is designed to give metals processors unprecedented visibility into all facets of the business in a single ERP system. This gives you complete control and connected insight as orders move through production. All relevant data is centralized so managers and operators can access the information they need through dashboards on any device.

Another example of cloud ERP flexibility is the scalability it offers. You can size it up and down as well as add on new tools and capabilities. You have access to many business intelligence and analysis tools compared to older legacy systems. And enabling new features is much easier than software configurations in the past.

The ultimate flexibility of cloud ERP is that authorized users can access it anytime, anywhere, and from any device. This means you have 24/7 access to the data whether you are in the office, at home, or on the road. No more VPNs, no more restrictions on when and where employees can work, and no more waiting until you get back to the office to take action.

Myth #3: Cloud ERP is not Secure

Security is critical and you are wise to question your cloud platform provider’s approach to security. Cloud solutions can offer more security than legacy systems by taking advantage of strong user authentication, role-based security, and multi-factor authentication. In addition, and if required, encryption for both communications and sensitive data can be implemented.

For example, RealSTEEL is built on Microsoft Dynamics and the Azure cloud platform so our cloud ERP comes with best-in-class security on day one and far more secure than most metals businesses could ever achieve on their own.

Ready to Transform Your Metals Business with Cloud ERP?

If you haven’t made the transition to a cloud-based ERP yet, there has never been a better time. Contact us today to schedule an in-depth demo of how a cloud-based ERP solution like RealSTEEL can accelerate your success.

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