How Cloud ERP Helps the Metals Industry Boost Remote Worker Productivity

In today’s workplace, remote work has become both a reality and necessity. The current global pandemic has escalated a trend that was already on the rise. And with labor shortages at a critical level, employers must keep up with the needs and expectations of workers in order to hire and retain employees.

How can metals processors address the challenge of remote workers while supporting them and keeping them productive? The answer is a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.

Here are three ways the right cloud ERP system can help you increase productivity both in and out of the office.

  1. Provide Full-Time Access Anytime, Anywhere

The beauty of the cloud is the fact that tools and data can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. That means employees can be connected, engaged, and productive all the time, whether they are at home, in the office, or on the road. Unlike older systems that run on-premises, cloud-based solutions are designed for secure remote access.

It doesn’t matter where your workers are located, what hours they work, or what type of device they are using. Authorized users can access ERP easily and securely, allowing them to make decisions and take actions immediately, without waiting until they return to the office.

Fast access to information is key for all your employees whether they are on-site, part-time or full-time remote workers, external partners, managers who run multiple facilities, or traveling salespeople. By implementing a cloud-based ERP solution, you are effectively expanding your business hours of operation along with productivity growth.

  1. Connect People and Data

A modern, integrated ERP system designed for the metals industry connects just about everything you need to run your business from your systems to your data to your people. You can streamline quoting, inventory, scheduling, and more. Cloud ERP connects your operations from end to end such as finance, CRM, inventory management, and more.

In fact, many businesses use cloud-based ERP as a bridge to centralize data across systems and to augment existing software systems. By integrating data from legacy systems while you implement new cloud-based functionality, you get the best of both worlds. And the cloud is not all or nothing. You can flexibly add functions over time, starting with key functional areas and expanding as needed. For example, you can add remote workers today and other on-site staffers later.

Once your enterprise data is connected, authorized users can access it more easily and quickly. And that, in turn, allows for better sharing and teamwork. Cloud ERP platforms keep your entire workforce connected and engaged, whether they work side-by-side or across the country.

  1. Deliver Data-Driven Insights

Cloud ERP includes powerful reporting capabilities including the KPIs most important to metals processors. These include customizable and user-friendly dashboards for information such as inventory, orders, scheduling, and shipping. Cloud ERP reporting can also provide visibility into real-time events on the shop floor such as downtime, operator errors, and materials.

Another advantage of cloud ERP solutions is enhanced analytical tools that provide insight into details and trends enabling data-driven decision making. Your employees have to make decisions that are critical to profitability and customer satisfaction on a daily basis. From purchasing the right amount of inventory to scheduling machine operators, people make better decisions when they have complete and current data from all branches of the operation. The cloud ensures data is always current so everyone can access and work from one version of the truth.

It’s critical to deliver the right data to the right workers at the right time so decisions can be made based on accurate, real-time information. This is important for all key functional areas of your business but particularly remote staff who may find it more difficult to be productive. Accessing data remotely with a solution that supports mobility means that decisions and actions are not delayed.

Ready to boost the productivity of your remote workers?

For more information, visit us online to learn about RealSTEEL, our flexible cloud-based ERP solution for metals processors. Or, to explore the benefits of cloud ERP live, contact us to schedule a personal demonstration of how metals processers can drive productivity anywhere in the world.

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