The Right Acumatica Partner—An Essential Ingredient to Success

As you’re beginning your search for a cloud ERP implementation partner, you may think to yourself, I need to find a great cloud ERP implementation vendor.

Now comes the tricky party: what does this mean? How do you define good or great? What qualities and characteristics will you find in an effective implementation partner, and how do you sort from among the myriad firms offering Acumatica implementation?

Choosing the Right ERP Implementation Vendor Made a Difference

American Image was looking for an outstanding cloud ERP implementation partner. The company offers highly customized awards and signage, and their business model didn’t fit into any one off-the-shelf implementation method. Their Acumatica Cloud ERP implementation required a highly customized approach based on how American Image conducted their sales and fulfillment.

You can download your copy of the American Image story and read for yourself how the right cloud ERP implementation partner made all the difference to this company.

The Wrong Fit Leads to Pain

Have you ever tried on a pair of shoes that felt fine at the store, but when you got home and walked around for more than a few minutes, they started to pinch? Sore feet are no joke. The pain from poorly fitting shoes lingers long after you kick them off and into a corner of your bedroom.

The same goes for the pain of a poorly thought-out cloud ERP implementation. If the software reseller does not take the time to delve into your business and create an action plan that solves your problems—not the problems they think you have, but the actual ones you’ve described—you could be in for lingering pain, so to speak, in the form of software that requires extensive customization, additional time to use, and manual tweaks that can make you wonder why you ever agreed to an ERP solution in the first place.

Mind you, we are not saying the vendor itself is incompetent. That pair of shoes that pinches your feet may fit another person perfectly. The same holds true for a cloud ERP vendor. They may be a poor fit for your business needs but a great fit for someone else.

So how do you estimate, before a project begins, whether an ERP implementation vendor is a good fit for your company?

Signs You Found a Great Cloud ERP Implementation Partner

Mindover SoftwareThere are several signs you can watch for in your interactions with potential cloud ERP implementation partners to determine whether they are a great fit for your business. Take note of these and look for them when you interview possible partners.

  • Experience: Nothing beats experience when it comes to a successful cloud ERP launch. An experienced vendor has worked with the ERP system in question through many iterations and understands the nuances of customization, application integration, and similar needs.
  • Good listener: If your business requires a highly customized approach to ERP due to unique business considerations, product configurations, ordering limitations, or other business requirements, be sure the ERP vendor listens carefully to the specifics of the situation. A good vendor may visit your company several times to speak with various departments, observe order fulfilment, and interact with sales, marketing, and customer service to ensure they understand the business model accurately. Such a vendor is likely to provide exemplary service and create the right implementation strategy for your business’ needs.
  • Aligns implementation with business goals: Lastly, a good cloud ERP implementation partner takes the time to align the implementation strategy with your company’s business goals.

It may seem impossible to examine the three points listed above if you have never worked with a particular vendor before. This is where calling references and asking specific questions about process, methodology, and satisfaction with the implementation comes into the picture. Even if you cannot check the actual working style of the vendor, you should be able to speak with the vendor’s previous clients to determine if they are a good fit for your business.

The Right Cloud ERP Implementation Vendor Provides Peace of Mind

Although taking the time to interview vendors, contact references, and ask many questions may seem time consuming, finding the right cloud ERP implementation vendor is priceless. They provide more than a service. They provide peace of mind.

By Mindover Software - Acumatica Gold Certified Partner


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