Cloud ERP Offers More to Equipment Rental Companies Than Mere Rental Management

Equipment rental companies have long had to labor under the burden of being forced to use multiple, process-specific systems to run their day to day operations. With a modern ERP solution, however, this is no longer the case.

By leveraging Rental360, built within the Acumatica framework, rental companies can harness the power of a modern, agile cloud ERP platform to transform their business.

With Rental360, rental businesses no longer need separate systems for areas such as purchasing, service and equipment management, warehouse management, invoicing, and other financial systems. All of these business-critical components are housed within one easy to use, intuitive system. By choosing a platform that can power their entire business rental companies position themselves to maintain top-of-mind customer service along with top-of-class functionality.

Digital Transformation for Equipment RentalRental360 was built specifically for rental companies, meaning that it can handle an entire lifespan of rental equipment- from purchase to eventual retirement, and everything in between. A few of the business processes made easier by Rental360’s native-built functionality:

  • Inspections
  • Prepping Equipment
  • Contract Creation
  • Shipping and Pickup
  • Servicing Returned Equipment
  • Making Inventory Available for Rent Again
  • Billing Cycle Set-Up and Maintenance

A highly intuitive and efficient platform, Rental360 features several enhancements to the workflow process, including multi-level approval support and business-event alert automation. These automated alerts help rental operations stay top-of-mind with customers by ensuring that no events fall through the cracks without receiving the required attention.

Another key advantage is the cloud nature of Rental360. Fully cloud-based, there are no on-site systems to maintain, and systems remain fully natural disaster-proof, unlike legacy, on-site systems. This also means Rental360 interfaces easily with other systems, for easier integration with partners and customers. Rental360 also offers full mobile integration, meaning delivery drivers and other out of office workers have full access to the system- and all their data- at all times. The system is fully accessible through any internet browser, requiring no special updates or add-ons.

Learn more about how the cloud can add value to your equipment rental company with a complimentary guide to digital transformation. 

Rental360 offers key enhancements to the maintenance cycle functionality, allowing businesses to set up maintenance cycles however they need, ensuring easy synch-ups with manufacturer's warranties. Work crews can also be dispatched from within the software, with full control over how their time is logged, and whether or not customers are charged for that time.

By offering end-to-end functionality across the whole of a rental businesses’ operation, Rental360 is the clear choice for any rental operation. Sporting an intuitive interface, powerful tools that enhance efficiency, and industry-specific functionality, rental businesses can power themselves not only for the present, but for the future as well.

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