How Azure Cloud Services Enables Cloud Computing

Microsoft works with customers worldwide on a range of issues related to the environment, economy, energy, and health research. These are huge challenges that require a dedicated supercomputing scale.

Most systems are hard to scale and take a long time to deliver. Fortunately, Microsoft Azure has the most scalable and powerful set of high-performance computing solutions available on the public cloud.

That's why customers trust Azure's purpose-built HPC and AI infrastructure, built on technology from partners like AMD.

AMD EPYC-based Virtual Machines

Azure is delivering high-performance computing in the cloud. Azure was the first global cloud provider to deploy AMD EPYC-based virtual machines in 2017. Since then, Microsoft has worked to increase the scalability, performance, and value for customers running on EPYC-powered Azure VMs.

As a result, more and more engineers, researchers, and scientists from around the world are turning to the Azure cloud. The Azure cloud uses AMD EPYC processors to accelerate their most important HPC workloads.

Azure uses technology that is compatible with AI processes and HPC workloads. Tests have revealed that other solutions can deliver 10x better performance compared to other cloud providers. That level of scalability is ideal for a business that wants to increase its efficiency, leadership, and performance.

Examples of HPC and AI on Azure

Some great examples of the complex modeling customers are doing include drug discovery, weather simulation, crash test analysis, and state-of-the-art AI training. Microsoft simulation has transformed into an indispensable component of modern sales-scale modeling, as we have seen, for example, in the case of simulations reported for the Coronavirus.

AMD Technologies

Azure HPV2 virtual machines using AMD technologies, like the second-generation EPYC processors, are a game-changer for HPC customers. That is because the largest workloads can now run on the cloud in a matter of minutes.

Customers will not only see up to 12x higher HBC scaling on Azure, but a performance that rivals some of the most powerful supercomputers on the planet.

That kind of capability is now accessible to every Azure customer. Unlocking customer innovation is a mission we share at Technology Management Concepts.

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