20 ERP/CRM Experts Contribute to White Paper on Next-Gen Technology

Taking advantage of next-gen technology is necessary for survival in today’s business world. But what does this mean for your small or midsize organization’s culture, processes, and operations?

More specifically, how can YOU take advantage of the next generation of technology?

We want to show you that cutting-edge technology tools are not just for big business but for every business- including yours.

Tips from the Experts

In the new white paper Next-Gen Tech for the Rest of Us: Why AI, IoT, and Business Intelligence Is Not Just for Big Business, these twenty ERP and CRM experts shared their insights on how to make a success of next-gen technology:

Beringer Technology Group
Connecting Software
Crestwood Associates
CRM Dynamics Ltd.
Intelligent Technologies, Inc.
LBMC Technology Solutions, LLC
Logan Consulting
mindzie, inc
P2 Automation, LLC
Sana Commerce
The TM Group

In this whitepaper, we compiled the advice from these twenty ERP and CRM experts to help you serve your customers better, control costs, support remote workforces, and more.

We provide examples of how companies could use AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things), and other next-gen tech to level the playing field with big competitors.

We thank all of our members who have helped us make this whitepaper a valuable resource.

Let’s think big and build for the future. To start your journey today, download the whitepaper Next-Gen Tech for the Rest of Us: Why AI, IoT, and Business Intelligence Is Not Just for Big Business.

By ERP Cloud Blog Writer, www.erpsoftwareblog.com/cloud

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