Acumatica’s Missing Piece: Crestwood’s Add-On Product

Crestwood Add-on products for Acumatica

There's no secret that Acumatica is one of the best ERP systems available for small- to mid-sized businesses. However, even the BEST systems cannot possibly solve every problem. And that is where the best VARs come in. Crestwood’s years of experience with accounting software has given our team the insight to know exactly what will work for your company – and what won’t work. THEN we built solutions for what doesn’t work. How cool is that?

Many of our add-on solutions go on to become native functionality later. But until Acumatica catches up, we will highlight four of our affordable and easy-to-use tools that are guaranteed to save you time, money, and headaches. Plus, they all function directly within Acumatica – no switching programs to and fro.

If your company pays commissions to salespeople, collects payments, uses bank lockbox files, or has a formal budget – then you will find something here that will help you.

Advanced Commissions

The Advanced Commissions module is a powerhouse for any company that is paying commissions to salespeople. As you may know, Acumatica out-of-the-box commission functionality is great – as long as it’s extremely simple. For the rest of us, we need an add-on for enhanced capabilities such as creating payments on invoices, sales orders, AR transactions, project hours, or whatever else you’d like.

With this add-on, you can split commissions however you need to, “pay when paid,” and create unlimited plan types. Then, you can set the plans to automate, if desired, eliminating the need for manual calculation and entry.

Collections Management

Everyone’s favorite task each month is chasing down unpaid invoices, right? Right?

Well, in case that is not your favorite part of the month, Collections Management has you covered. With this add-on, you can develop custom plans to automate your entire interaction with any past-due accounts. Build email templates and notifications right in Acumatica, then set and forget. A beautiful and intuitive dashboard allows you a quick glance at all outstanding invoices and the steps required for follow-up.

Lockbox Processing

For those companies who are both using Acumatica and receive payments from customers via a lockbox file from their banks, the Lockbox Processing add-on might just be your lifesaver. This add-on doesn’t create/store lockbox files – it just quickly and accurately integrates them into your Acumatica system. Plus, it provides users the opportunity to automate repetitive tasks.

Advanced Budgeting

Budgeting is another tool that, yes, Acumatica technically already has. But we’ve found that most of our clients have needs that are far more advanced than what Acumatica offers. This add-on will allow users to automate budgeting without needing to open Excel even once! You can create unlimited budgets for unlimited items, within each ledger. Plus, you can create unlimited subledgers that allow for even more granular budgeting.

We have quite a few customers who use two or more of our add-ons, for even higher-octane Acumatica use. Check out our Acumatica add-on product page for a complete list of available tools, and don’t forget to join us for our upcoming look at the latest Acumatica release – 2021 R1.

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