Acumatica User in the Building Supply Distribution Industry Spotlighted for Their Success

Those in the building supply distribution industry know that having a capable ERP solution is vital to helping everything stay on track and run smoothly. Frederick Block, Brick & Stone (FBBS), a leading distributor of masonry and hardscape products in Virginia, is one such company.  To meet the demands of their growing business, FBBS employed Acumatica Building Supply Cloud ERP to gain real-time insight into financials and inventory across three locations. The inspiring success of this building supply distribution company caught the attention of Acumatica corporate and was recently promoted on their website.

CAL Business Solutions is proud to have our customer highlighted for their outstanding success with Acumatica Cloud ERP. This great technology has changed the way Frederick Block, Brick & Stone does business. And their story shows how building supply distribution companies like yours can have that same success.

Time to Make a Switch

For years FBBS operated on a standalone ERP system. But as the company grew, its financial system just couldn’t keep up. Notice just a few of the challenges they faced with their ERP system:

  • Difficult to use and couldn’t be accessed remotely
  • Couldn’t handle financial transactions from multiple locations
  • Required manual import and export of data
  • Reporting options for multiple locations was challenging, and integration with programs such as Microsoft Office wasn’t available

It was apparent that this building supply distribution company needed something more. It was time to make the switch to a more capable ERP system that could handle their current needs and set them up for future growth.

Why Acumatica?

After extensive research, the team at FBBS decided to employ Acumatica Cloud ERP because of its unique pricing model, flexibility, and cloud-first native function.

Steve Slaughter, President/CEO of FBBS puts it this way:

“We wanted a solution that could grow with us and Acumatica, by far, seemed a better choice in that regard,” he says. ”It was a better long-term play.”

Acumatica’s consumption-based pricing was a big factor in the decision. Slaughter says:

“We have a great number of employees who don’t need to be in the system very much, but we still wanted them to gain the access they required as it made sense. With Acumatica, there’s no extra licensing fee to add a person; it’s just one price.”

FBBS needed a flexible solution that could be configured to the way a building supply distribution company does business. They found Acumatica’s adaptability gave them the flexibility they needed without tacking on extra customization fees.

Set Up For Success

 FBBS is more than pleased with the results they are experiencing with Acumatica. What are some of the major benefits this growing building supply distribution company has seen? Notice just five:

1. Remote Access:

Acumatica can be accessed anywhere, at any time. This means each of their three locations can stay on the same page with real-time updates. And of course, this has been a life-saver during the pandemic.

 “The cloud access from anywhere was a big deal for us,” says Slaughter. “We just couldn’t do that with our old system, and we would have been in a world of hurt during this critical time.”

2. Quick Access to Information

 The team at FBBS is happy with how quickly, and easily, they can access the data they need. They are also able to create simple inquiries to view what they want, how they want. This quick access to information is vital to making good business decisions.

“I like to make decisions based on data, and with Acumatica, peeling the layers back and diving deeper is easy to do. We are no longer making guesses but decisions with the data to back it up.”

3. Flexibility & Easy Connection

Acumatica is a flexible platform right out of the box. FBBS hasn’t been forced to obtain outside customizations but instead can personalize the system to meet their needs thanks to Acumatica’s modern Open API structure.

Unlike their old system, Acumatica allows for easy integration with Microsoft Office, especially Excel and Outlook.

4. Improved Insight into Inventory

Knowing what’s in stock and keeping an accurate track of inventory is vital to those in the building supply distribution industry. FBBS has seen first-hand the benefits Acumatica provides with inventory insights. Steve Slaughter explains:

 “With Acumatica, we can see what we have. Gaining visibility like that has been a huge improvement...Acumatica handles inventory so much better than our old system. This is a big-time saving for us to see live inventory availability across our three different locations and not have to resort to various spreadsheets or wander through our yards of products like we did before.”

5. Modern Business Platform for Growth

The team at FBBS is sure that this is a system they can grow with. A modern system built in the cloud, Acumatica has what it takes to grow with FBBS as they see greater and greater success.

“There are a lot of features and modules available in Acumatica that we haven’t utilized yet. But thinking ahead to where our business may be five years from now, we feel like we have a solution for our business that we can easily add to and grow with over time.”

The building supply distribution industry comes with its challenges. But Frederick Block, Brick & Stone is proof that having a modern ERP cloud solution like Acumatica building supply software, can make all the difference in finding success. To see other ways FBBS has benefited from Acumatica read their full success story at

The team here at CAL Business Solutions is grateful to work with Frederick Block, Brick & Stone as they grow with Acumatica Cloud ERP. We are proud that they were chosen by Acumatica as a shining example in using their cloud ERP system. To read more case studies and learn how other companies are reaching new heights with their ERP solutions, visit

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