Why Are Clients Choosing Azure? Here’s 4 Reasons Why

Microsoft Azure is one of the leading cloud technologies used by big and small businesses nowadays. A whopping 85% of all Fortune 100 companies are on a Microsoft cloud, according to statistics. Admittedly, making the move can be a big step for your company, but after discovering all the benefits of Microsoft Azure Cloud, you'll see why the transition is worth it.

Top Business Benefits of Microsoft Azure Cloud Services


1. No Physical Hardware Is Needed

One of the top reasons why people move to Azure is to avoid the cost of building and running an on-site data center. Not only will you need a large investment in the hardware but also need the right talent to maintain it.

2. Global Availability

Azure hosting services have data centers in over 140 countries, which means no matter your users are, they will have access to the fastest, closest servers. You can't achieve this by hosting your services on a local machine because no matter what type of hardware you use, users from remote locations will always experience a lag accessing your services.

3. High Scalability

For a fast-growing business, having an infrastructure that can easily adapt to the growth rate is key to success. Imagine growing your e-commerce site from 100 visits a day to 1000 visits every hour. If your servers are not built with scalability in mind, it'll just crash, and you'll leave plenty of money on the table, plus make customers angry.

4. Affordable for Businesses of All Sizes

With a budget-friendly subscription model, Azure Cloud is suitable not only for multinationals and Fortune 500 companies but also for brick-and-mortar stores just around the corner.

Above are some of the biggest benefits of moving to Azure cloud services. If you have been spending too much business budget on maintaining your IT infrastructure, maybe it's time to consider giving Azure Cloud a try. As a Microsoft Azure partner, we can guide you through the whole process so that the transition will have no impact on your business continuity.

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