Business Events in Acumatica Keeps Everyone on Our Team Up to Date

As a consulting company, our team members are dispatched to various locations. They might be at our office, at a client’s office, or even at their home office.

At CAL Business Solutions, each of our over 300 Microsoft Dynamics GP and Acumatica clients is assigned to a point person most familiar with their system and their industry. But when the client calls for support, they may not initially reach that point person. Someone else may assist them.

The challenge is making sure that the account’s point person remains up to date on what is going on with their client. We’ve met that challenge and many more with Acumatica Business Events.

Acumatica Business Events is a powerful tool for automating business processes through configuration rather than programming and customization. Business Events compliments Acumatica dashboards to drive your work processes.

Business Events uses the information in your ERP system to create a series of automation steps to complete an action.

At CAL Business Solutions, we have programmed Business Events to alert our account overseers if a significant activity, such as a development project or an upgrade, is scheduled by another team member.

Here’s an example:

  • Dave is our point man for the ‘Cool Distribution Company’ account, a company using Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • The company representative contacted another CAL team member, Ben, to request an integration between their Dynamics GP solution and their customized shipping system.
  • Ben entered the details of the proposed development project into Acumatica.
  • Acumatica automatically triggered a Business Event alerting Dave by email about the details of the project.
  • As the account owner, Dave knows that Cool Distribution company already owns SmartConnect. He realizes that the project could be completed using SmartConnect rather than creating a new solution.
  • Dave communicated with Ben, and they collaborated on how to spare this client unnecessary expense.

It’s not unusual that a Dynamics GP client doesn’t realize all the tools they already possess. They rely on their account owner to watch out for them.  Keeping the account overseer up to date with any of their client’s activities will help us meet their needs and nurture their relationship with our company. Everybody wins!

Business Events can help your company to communicate more effectively and be more productive.

Watch this video to see Business Events in action: Quick Look at Streamlining Tasks with Business Events in Acumatica

Powerful tools such as Business Events are what sets Acumatica apart from other ERP solutions. If you’d like to see how Acumatica can help your team work more efficiently and effectively, contact our  Acumatica experts at CAL Business Solutions.

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Business Events in Acumatica - Our Story Moving to Acumatica


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