Acumatica 2021 MVP List Includes 11 Experts from ERP Cloud ERP Blog Members

Every year Acumatica honors individuals who are greatly contributing to the Acumatica community. Through hard work and dedication, these champions have been given the coveted title of Acumatica MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals).

What is an Acumatica MVP?

As the name suggests, Acumatica MVPs are deemed highly valuable to the Acumatica community. They are fully dedicated to promoting Acumatica’s award-winning cloud ERP system and are committed to helping others get the most out of the system. MVPs prove their support by:

  • Regularly attending and participating in Acumatica events
  • Willingly sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience through the Acumatica Community Forums, Stackoverflow, LinkedIn, and GitHub
  • Providing their real-life insights into how to improve Acumatica’s cloud ERP software
  • Freely offering encouragement and advice to fellow Acumatica users

Earning the title of Acumatica MVP is truly an achievement. We are very happy to say that several members of our ERP Cloud Blog had employees named MVPs in the Acumatica 2021 MVPs list.

ERP Cloud Blog’s 2021 Acumatica Product MVPs

Becoming an Acumatica MVP is no easy task. It shows just how dedicated, diligent, and valuable these professionals are.

That’s why we feel honored that members of our ERP Cloud Blog have employees represented on the list. We would like to say congratulations to all of these hard-working Acumatica partners.

To see other professionals that are going above and beyond to support Acumatica, see the full list of Acumatica 2021 MVPs at

And to view the full list of our amazing members here at the ERP Cloud Blog that support Acumatica visit

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