Why is Our Controller So Happy We Switched to Acumatica?

Switching to Acumatica as our internal ERP system has made our Controller very happy. Previously she was generating client emails month after month with overdue invoices. Sadly, there were enough of these emails that it took as much as six hours a month to send them all. Why is our Controller so happy we decided to switch to Acumatica? Because now the overdue notices are sent out automatically each month. The time it now takes – negligible!

Mid-month, our Controller would run a trial balance report. Then she isolated invoices that were more than a month and a half overdue and generated an email to each client asking for payment.

Often the client would say, “I don’t remember getting that bill. Can you please send again?” Our Controller then had to send an email response with a duplicate bill. More time spent on the same account. (This was also helped by sending out AR statements in Acumatica).

Now, with Acumatica’s Business Events, all this is done automatically.   A business event is a trigger that analyses the data in your ERP system at a specified point and generates a series of automated steps to complete an action.

We set up a Business Event in Acumatica that triggers the system, on the 15th of each month, to send an email with an overdue message to all clients whose invoices are 45-74 days past due. And the best part? It automatically attaches a copy of the original invoice.

For clients who are more than 75 days overdue, a separate Business Event triggers an email, a copy of the invoice, and a more direct message.

We can customize these emails with whatever we want to say, add our logo, and be sure they look professional.

Now this tedious, manual task has been eliminated, and our Controller saves between three to six hours a month. But it’s not just a time saver. There is also no risk of overdue invoice emails falling through the cracks.

Our Controller at CAL Business Solution also uses Business Events to monitor the status of Enhancement Renewals. If our clients miss their annual enhancement renewal even by one day after the expiration date, it is a big problem. We used to have to send out invoices and reminders and hope that none were lost or overlooked. We’ve automated this chore, too, thanks to Acumatica’s MaxQ Automated Billing, which also saves us about 30 hours a month.  If we still haven’t received renewal payment ten days before expiration, our Controller will receive a specific alert to notify her that she needs to take action.

The business process automation workflow built into Acumatica allows us to designate specific events and generate sophisticated, detailed actions.  We save time and reduce the risk of human error.

What tasks would you like to automate?

Probably you have tasks that are taking too much time because of having to be done manually. We’d like to introduce you to Acumatica Cloud ERP. Acumatica has tools to make your work life easier and more efficient. Just ask our Controller!

Contact our experts are CAL Business Solutions and let us show you how Acumatica has helped our team and how it can help yours too. 860-485-1910 x4 or sales@calszone.com.

Video: Quick Look at Streamlining Tasks with Business Events in Acumatica

By CAL Business Solutions, www.calszone.com

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