Acumatica Leading the Way in Customer Satisfaction

G2, the largest tech marketplace for unbiased software reviews by actual users, has released their latest report which was found Acumatica is the top rated ERP solution for customer satisfaction, as well as taking the number one spot in eight other reports.

Taking the Lead in Customer Satisfaction

 Using their proprietary algorithm G2 found that Acumatica was highest in its class in customer satisfaction. These rankings are based on social, employee, web, and review data that G2 deems ‘influential to a company’s momentum’. Criteria include: end user satisfaction (based on reviews), statistical significance of popularity based on reviews, age and quality of reviews (more complete and more recent reviews weighted more heavily), and overall product satisfaction. Momentum is based on employee, social, web, and review growth, as well as year-over-year growth.

These metrics prove that Acumatica remains on the cutting edge of technology, delivering quality where it matters most, in the end user experience. With a staggering satisfaction score of 96, Acumatica holds a firm grasp atop the rankings for its class.

Badges Aplenty

G2 also awarded Acumatica seven badges across different fields, their way of recognizing excellence. Acumatica maintained the two badges awarded in the fall- best relationship and best usability in the distribution category. These two badges were joined by five new badges awarded in the winter 2021 report. Acumatica was awarded badges for best relationship in mid-market, best relationship overall in ERP, as well as best relationship, easiest to use, and best usability in project-based ERP.

These badges are indicators of Acumatica’s continuing efforts to provide their clients top-of-class service and solutions, even through trying circumstances. By utilizing a cloud-based, agile platform Acumatica offers all of its users an intuitive, easy to navigate ERP experience. Offering businesses in a wide variety of fields industry-specific modules to enhance and streamline their operations, including reporting, financials, receivables, and ordering. By providing their clients a cloud-based system that can be accessed anywhere, Acumatica offers the best combination of powerful architecture and ease of accessibility.

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