Top 10 ERP CLOUD Blog Posts for 2020

With 2020 bringing more unique challenges than any of us expected, the need for positive peer collaboration was at an all-time high. By sharing best practices, focusing on exciting new releases, and discussing how to stay afloat during turbulent times, ERP Cloud Blog authors helped companies to deal with a whirlwind of change.

What blog post topics were the most popular in 2020? Inventory management, Acumatica tips, Sage Intacct for Construction and the Microsoft Dynamics 365 common data service top the list.

Take a Look at the Top 10 ERP CLOUD Posts for 2020:

  1. 5 Benefits of Just-in-Time Inventory Management
    by Mark Rockwell, Rockton Software
    Inventory management can be tricky and stressful. High storage fees, delayed communication between suppliers and vendors, and overstocking on low-demand items can all hinder growth. This post discusses the Just-In-Time (JIT) inventory management principle, a tried and true strategy that is sure to help combat these challenges and lead to efficient and streamlined inventory management.
  2. BREAKING: Sage Intacct Introduces Sage Intacct Construction
    by Greg Montique, Alta Vista Technology
    Recently Sage Intacct made an exciting announcement: The many benefits of this business management software have been brought to the construction industry with Sage Intacct Construction. In this post, hear expert opinions on the new software as well as the many features and functions it offers.
  3. 4 Tips and Tricks to Help You Get the Most Out of Acumatica
    by NexVue Information Systems
    Acumatica is taking businesses to the next level with its many benefits and features. But how can you be sure you are getting the most out of the system? This post discusses 4 tips and tricks that are sure to help you maximize your use of Acumatica.
  4. Unlock the New Normal for Business Anywhere – Complimentary GRUBHUB Lunch – June 10th, 2020
    by Clients First
    The unforeseen challenges of 2020 brought about a “New Normal” for the business world. In this post, companies were invited to join Acumatica’s cloud specialist Kent Richeson in a complimentary webinar as he discussed strategies to navigate these turbulent times by unlocking the full potential of the “New Normal.”
  5. Introduction to Dynamics 365 Common Data Service
    by Synoptek
    In today’s global economy, now more than ever companies need a reliable platform to securely store and manage data used by their various business applications. This post looks into the Common Data Service used by Microsoft Dynamics 365 to discuss benefits, features, and how to use it to take your company to the next level.
  6. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Virtual Demo: Look and Feel
    by Greg Montique, Alta Vista Technology
    When Microsoft saw the many benefits of operating in the cloud space, they decided to do something about it. In this post, follow along with Microsoft expert Kevin Alexander as he uses a short video to demonstrate what the new Microsoft cloud software looks like and how to use it.
  7. COVID-19: How MS Dynamics 365 Helps Facilitate Business Continuity
    by Synoptek
    With COVID-19 bringing a surge in remote workers, the question of how to keep employees organized and moving forward even while the office is shut was a hot topic. This post delves into the many ways Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be used to drive efficiency with a remote workforce so that companies can sustain growth even in turbulent times.
  8. How Sending AR Statements in Acumatica Helped Our Collections Process
    by CAL Business Solutions, Inc.
    Sending Accounts Receivable statements to customers via email instead of by paper has become the norm. But customizing AR statements to fit your needs isn’t always an easy process. In this post, hear from the team at CAL Business Solutions to see how using Acumatica has been revolutionary for their Accounts Receivable process.
  9. 21 Top New Features in Acumatica 2020 R1
    by CAL Business Solutions, Inc.
    On September 16th, Acumatica 2020 R2 was set to be released. But just because there was a new release doesn’t mean R1’s great new features should be forgotten about. To get users excited for the new edition, this post reviews some of the great features of Acumatica 2020 R1.
  10. 5 Good Reasons to Move to the Azure Cloud Services
    by Technology Management Concepts
    There’s been a lot of talk in recent years about moving to the cloud. What are the benefits of doing so? And why can moving to Azure Cloud be a game-changer for your company? This post provides the answers.

Congratulations to all of our top authors in 2020. A special shout out goes to Alta Vista Technology, CAL Business Solutions, Inc. and Synoptek who each had two posts featured in 2020’s top 10 blog post list.

Looking ahead to 2021

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