2020 Acumatica Year-end Close Guide

Finance and accounting pros must shoulder a lot of responsibility this time of year. So, you don’t have time to waste struggling with the year-end close, we’re here to help with an easy-to-follow closing guide for our Acumatica users. Our experts have compiled this 2020 Acumatica year-end close guide so that you can follow step by step along the way. Whether this is your first time closing, or you are an experienced veteran, this guide is helpful for all Acumatica users.


The 2020 Acumatica year-end close guide includes the following general advice:

  • Closing procedures
  • Closing a period
  • Closing period in subledgers
  • Closing a period in the General Ledger
  • 1099-MISC changes & FAQs


This 2020 Acumatica year-end close guide also goes into detail about the subledger closing process. With multiple bases to cover, we go over every aspect needed to complete your subledgers. Our thorough checklist is easy to maneuver. Handy buttons make it a cinch to skip to whichever subledger you’d like to work on.


The subledger closing checklist includes:

  • Accounts receivable
  • Cash management
  • Accounts payable
  • Fixed assets
  • Taxes
  • Inventory


Want more?


If you need more information or help with your 2020 Acumatica year-end close, your partner is a great resource. If you are an Intelligent Technologies Inc. client and have questions about year-end close procedures, we are happy to help, just give us a phone call at (336) 315-3935 or send us an email. If you currently do not have a partner, or are unhappy with your current one, contact us today to learn about becoming a client. Not ready to talk sales? Visit this webpage to explore the Acumatica services we offer.

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