Now Offering Multifactor Authentication (MFA) for Dynamics GP & SL

Multifactor Authentication

Everywhere you look you see systems are being attacked by hackers every day.  Data security is top priority. By hosting your Dynamics GP or SL system in the Crestwood Cloud, you can have peace of mind that your system is secure.

We already offer single sign on and multifactor authentication for Acumatica through Azure AD, but now extending it to the large number of GP and SL clients that we are hosting is AMAZING for security for clients on those software products, and it has the ability to work with Remote Desktop and remote app.

Remote Desktop (RDP) is one of the most prevalent attack protocols for hackers looking to deploy ransomware and device-based authentication can prevent a compromised password from turning into a compromised server. Often attackers will use compromised credentials obtained vis phishing attacks to access corporate servers via RDP. Once they have logged in, they are able to exfiltrate data, encrypt information and unfortunately hold it for ransom. Furthermore, quite often they will use more attacks to elevate privileges, take added control of the environment and implement remote access tools to hold persistent access to the environment.

What might be the most important aspect of security is protecting identity. A key to this is extending your authentication past something you know (a password) to include something you have (a device) makes only having a username and password insufficient to compromise your server, protecting your environment from attackers.

Multifactor Authentication

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