Complete Distribution Management in the Cloud

In the rapidly evolving world of distribution many businesses are beginning to realize that one of, if not the most vital piece of the puzzle for their success is their ERP solution. These systems are the engines that power success, and it is vital to choose the right one. Acumatica is a complete ERP solution that offers distributors all the tools they need to achieve high-level success.

Go anywhere in the cloud

Acumatica is a cloud-based ERP system, giving its users several vital advantages. Foremost is the accessibility it provides. Users can access their resources and data from anywhere, no longer tethered to on-site servers. With easy integration to mobile apps and incredibly customizable interfaces this makes Acumatica the ideal pick for businesses with pressing needs for field-service accessibility.  The cloud also offers vital disaster protection, as a business’s data is no longer in danger of being lost or down due to unforeseen circumstances, since it is not stored in a physical location.

Inventory made easy

The heart and soul of any distribution company is in its inventory and ordering. The coming and going of product is without a doubt the key component to success, and Acumatica gives distributors tools to streamline and optimize the process in a number of ways. Ordering, warehousing, and sales are all integrated within the same system, meaning there is no risk of data being received incorrectly from one system to another, allowing for smooth tracking of all inventory, both stocked and non-stocked. Special handling needs and requisitions are all contained in the same place, streamlining the process for warehouse workers. The intuitive system gives users visibility into every step of the process, from the raw materials to shipping to the final product and where it is held, all the way to its final destination after being bought by a customer thanks to order management tools.

CRM for sales and marketing success

Having the best warehousing and inventory management is only good if you have customers to sell to, and Acumatica arms distribution companies with all of the customer relationship management tools needed to maximize sales opportunities. Order management is made extremely easy, with intuitive dashboards and order guides giving sales reps key information, as well as the ability to customize item lists to maximize up and cross-sell opportunities. Alerts can be set up to automatically notify customers of potential issues such as short shipments, keeping reps ahead of the problem, allowing for top of class customer service, even under trying circumstances. Acumatica also offers users the ability to control pricing in minute detail, giving users control over their bottom line.

Grow at your rate, not your partner’s

Acumatica allows for easy to scale growth, letting distributors evolve and grow as their needs dictate, not at the whims of their ERP provider. Companies can start their implementation with only the functions they need and add more advanced options, such as the warehouse management tools, as they grow. Acumatica also makes it easy for new users to be added, as it does not charge on a per-user basis, rather on a total resources used basis, so companies can add users as needed with no increase in expenditure.

 Get to know Acumatica Distribution Edition

By switching to a complete, agile, ERP system distributors can set themselves up for success in the ever-changing environment. By choosing Acumatica they will arm themselves with the tools to deliver increased efficiency, customer service, sales, and growth.

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By NexVue, Acumatica's 2019 Distribution Partner of the Year

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