20 Microsoft Partners Give 19 Brilliant Ways to Promote ERP User Adoption

Why is user adoption such a challenge for organizations implementing new business management systems? There’s not one easy answer. Employees may be resistant to change, training may be inadequate, change management may not have been well planned, or leadership may not be fully committed. In most cases, it’s some combination of factors.

In this white paper, 20 Microsoft Partners share the knowledge gained through thousands of ERP and CRM implementations to help get your employees started on the right foot. These Partners have shared best practices, important critical warnings, and bright ideas so you can quickly realize the full value of your software investment.

Get expert advice from:

CAL Business Solutions

Crestwood Associates LLC

Intelligent Technologies, Inc.


Aisling Dynamics Business Solutions

BroadPoint, Inc.

Dexpro Dynamics


JOVACO Solutions

Metafile Information Systems

New View Strategies


Sabre Limited

Tensoft, Inc.

The TM Group, Inc.


TrinSoft, LLC

Beringer Technology Group

emfluence Marketing Platform

Connecting Software

Download the white paper now "19 Brilliant Ways to Promote ERP and CRM User Adoption" to see how you can help your employees embrace change and take your organization to the next level. www.erpsoftwareblog.com/cloud/19brilliant

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