Strengthen Your Business Security with Microsoft Secure Score 

Crestwood Score Card With the Global Pandemic, came an increase in the remote workforce, no matter what your company size or what industry you’re in, hackers and ransomware attacks have increased. Like the pandemic, hackers don’t discriminate, they target all businesses. Some data shows small to medium sized business are more targeted because they don’t possess top-notch security IT people on hand.  

Want affordable enterprise level security for your business no matter the size, contact Crestwood Associates and learn about Crestwood Cloud.  Crestwood offers clients state-of-the-art security powered by Microsoft Azure. No longer are the days where you don’t “trust” the cloud.   

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Microsoft Secure Score 

By hosting your system in the Crestwood Cloud, not only do you get all the benefits of a modern cloud platform, but we’ll give you insight into your current security position.  One of the services included with the Crestwood Cloud is a security report card for your business through Microsoft Secure Score. 

Crestwood Cloud Secure Score

Crestwood Cloud Secure Score

With Microsoft Secure Score you will see how many attacks have been prevented, you’ll also learn about additional tools that will confirm your data is secure. Organizations utilizing Secure Score have seen their security increase five times more than organizations who don’t use it.  Microsoft’s Secure Score will encourage you to utilize security features that are already available, but you may not be aware of and Crestwood is here to answer any questions!  


Secure score report for sample tenant: 

Crestwood Cloud Secure Score

 This report includes recommendations in the drill down to improve your score such as: 

Crestwood Cloud Secure Score

As you move your business to the cloud, security and the integrity of your data is always top of mind.  Don’t miss out, talk to us today – we offer more than ERP! 

Take advantage of 6 free months of Office 365 and try see for yourself! 

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