Three Simple Hacks to Master Working from Home

Boost Work from Home Productivity

Working from home. A privilege and a perk that almost everyone wants for the convenience and judgement-free dress code. Previous studies have even found that people tend to get more things done without the typical office distractions and limitations.

Keyword: typical. And, so far, 2020 has been anything but… How do you get back into your groove at work when your office is the living room, the kids’ classroom is the kitchen, and you’re smack in the middle of a pandemic? Here are three simple tips to bring calm to at least one area of the chaos:

1.      Do-It-Yourself Dashboards

It was easy customizing your management system when you were in the office. Well, sort of. If something didn’t look right, you could just call Tim in IT. But Tim is also working from home (and the last time he was seen online was three days ago). These fields need to be added to your dashboards now, and there’s no time to go down the “how-to” Google rabbit hole. Now what?

Good news – you can put down Dashboards for Dummies. Adding attributes in Acumatica requires zero programming experience, giving you the ability to add an unlimited number of user-defined fields. Skip spending the time and money that’s usually associated with enlisting the help of a developer. You’re in control of making sure that information specific to your unique business activities is captured and accessible from anywhere.

2.      Automated Scheduling

Imagine if you had little robots that automatically completed all the tedious, mundane tasks you’re required to do on a weekly – or even daily – basis. How much time would that save you (and what else could you get done in that time, instead)?

Well, those robots do exist and turn out to be quite the worker bees once you flip the switch to turn them on. A little preparation and direction go a long way when it comes to automation and, in no time, you can have these processes running in the background for you. So, you can stop putting off things like posting a large group of transactions and pulling data from banks until the last 10 minutes before you log off for the day.

3.      Mobile Continuity

One of the main benefits of implementing a cloud ERP is accessibility. The ability to not only see, but interact with information at any time from multiple, secure devices is a necessity. Of course, that includes mobile devices – and, let’s be honest, some platforms handle this better than others. True accessibility is only achieved when the mobile interface makes sense.

Remember those attributes you added to your dashboards earlier? Some management systems limit you from seeing or using them via mobile device. That’s not helpful if you’re trying to catch up while waiting for your curbside order. With modern management systems like Acumatica, you can make decisions on the fly with all the need-to-know information at your fingertips (without having to deal with the pinch and zoom struggle).

Going from Struggle to Success

Getting a grip on your work from home routine with so many uncertainties can be tricky. Maintain your sanity by controlling what you can and by putting systems in place to make sure that things get done (even if you get a little distracted).

Not sure how to take these tips from paper to process? Rockton Connect is here to help! Register to attend this free webinar, where we’ll show you step-by-step how to set up relevant dashboards, automate scheduling processes, and access decision-making information from anywhere. Get ready to impress the team with your new ERP prowess – and yourself.

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