Dynamics GP Hosting Versus on Premise Deployment: a Cost Comparison

With so many people working from home these days, Dynamics GP cloud hosting has never been more popular. And, out of all the questions we’ve gotten from potential hosting clients over these last months, a couple come up more often than any other:

  1. How does the cost compare to traditional deployments?
  2. Is it secure?


So, in today’s blog, I want to take a few minutes to share the answers to these questions with our readers. If your new to Dynamics GP hosting and want to learn the difference between it and on-premise deployments, check out this popular post we wrote on the subject.


Let’s talk cost

On Premise Deployment (Capital Expenditure)

  • You buy and maintain your own server on which to run Dynamics GP.
  • You buy your Dynamics GP software licenses upfront.
  • You pay a yearly maintenance fee for access to the latest software updates.
  • If you don’t have your own internal IT team to handle software updates, you must pay an outside consultant an hourly fee for their services to assist with this.


Hosted Deployment (Operating Expenditure)

  • There is no hardware to buy. Your hosting provider owns and maintains the server on which your software runs.
  • It breaks the cost of user licenses up into predictable monthly fees.
  • There is no separate yearly maintenance fee for the software. Your hosting provider rolls it into your hosting service price.
  • Your hosting provider handles Dynamics GP software updates for you. So, there’s no need for the help of an outside consultant or your internal IT team.


Now that you can see how the cost structures for the two most popular Dynamics GP deployment options differ, I hope you’re one step closer to deciding which one is the best for business.

What about security?

If yours is like most small businesses, you have at most one or two internal IT staff members, which means you have limited resources to spend on keeping your data safe. By contrast, hosting providers are IT experts, for whom keeping customer’s data safe is one of their staff’s top concerns. So, the security measures they provide far surpass what a SMB can do alone. For more on how cloud hosting can help keep your business safe, read the white paper, “Seven Serious Business Risks Eliminated by Cloud ERP” is a must read!

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By: Laura Schomaker, Intelligent Technologies Inc., a North Carolina Dynamics partner.


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