Moving GP to the Cloud: The Importance of Choosing the Right Partner



RemoteApp Video ImageCrestwood clients run the gamut, in terms of size, from small sole proprietorships to massive Fortune 200 corporations. We’re proud to offer a variety of resources for every level of need; no one-size-fits-all approaches from us. Our clients rely on us for any combination of services, from providing and implementing their ERP, to complex support tasks, custom development, or even simple cloud hosting and backups.

[Ben Borger recently recorded a video about the benefits of RemoteApp and GP! Check it out here!]


One On-Prem GP User’s Story

When the covid-19 rocked the world, workplaces of all sizes were left scrambling. One larger client of ours had been running an on-premise instance of Dynamics GP. They have a robust and talented group of IT professionals, and were very autonomous. Our team rarely needed to intervene in anything more than an advisory capacity. But the pandemic, and resulting shutdown, presented a unique challenge.

The client was well-informed and competent – they began researching the best solutions. They had been hearing about RemoteApp, and decided that it was the solution to their woes. They contacted an independent IT consultant, who worked with them for months to implement RemoteApp. Or rather – attempted to implement RemoteApp. The former IT consultant had never worked with a client this size, with such complex needs, and their inexperience quickly became evident.

RemoteApp Issues

Remote App Desktop

Our client’s remote access was not yet the seamless process that their research had promised. All windows were contained in a single web browser, and it was sluggish and troublesome. Months of struggling, in such a critical moment, was unacceptable. So the team headed back to Google to troubleshoot, and it was then that they stumbled across a blog article from (who else, but) their own ERP provider: Crestwood Associates.

Crestwood’s Ben Borger (the blog’s author, Director of Cloud Services, and IT guy extraordinaire) hopped on with the client. He took one look, and quoted them for six hours of support time to get all of their processes remote and accessible through Dynamics GP and RemoteApp. They were thrilled! Six hours, after the months of trouble? Sign them up!

RemoteApp Issues SOLVED

Well, Ben completed the project in less than two hours. “We should have brought Crestwood in months ago!” the head of IT told us, glowingly. They got:

  • Easy one-click access to Apps
  • Start menu integration (no more single web browser)
  • Apps that work across multiple monitors
  • Access anywhere, anytime, from any device
  • Reliable connectivity

Plus all the benefits of Crestwood Cloud like unrivaled security, state-of-the-art firewalls, dependable backups, and 24/7 monitoring. A few minutes with Ben was all it took. [Click here to learn more about what the Crestwood Cloud can do for you!]

We were able to complete this task so quickly and easily because we’ve done it “zillions” (Ben Borger’s word) of times, for all different types of clients, systems, and needs. The process is nearly automated for our team, at this point. This story demonstrates the importance of choosing the right partner, with a wide variety of experience, and service offerings. Here at Crestwood, we don’t just know the best practices – we design them ourselves.


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