Future-Focused Technology for Food Service Distribution

The IFDA, a leading organization in the world of food distribution, have put out a new whitepaper on the emerging technologies distributors need to be employing to remain at the cutting edge of the industry in these trying times. A key conclusion of the paper is that a modern, agile ERP solution will be vital for successful companies, particularly due to the need to keep up with several fields of emerging technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and automation and robotics. By choosing to leverage with a leading ERP platform like Acumatica, through Prime FoodService software, distributors empower themselves to remain on the cutting edge of technology.


Man or a worker with drone standing in a warehouse.

As technology advances more and more tasks that were previously being done manually by employees are being handled automatically. For distributors this is often manifested in warehouses, where automation and robotics are becoming an increasingly vital part of the process for leading companies. Many distributors are moving towards the concept of ‘dark’, or fully automated warehouses. These dark warehouses would be more efficient, allowing for a lower overhead and allowing for employees more time to complete other, more intensive functions. Prime FoodService offers the perfect platform for distributors to build out this increasingly vital system.


One emerging facet of technology that should be top of mind for distributors is the Internet of Things (IoT), which is shorthand for any devices that collect and share data between them. Working hand in hand with Artificial Intelligence (AI, see below) IoT technology can help food distributors in a number of ways- from automating temperature control via sensors that speak directly to a master system to product tracking, either in warehouse or out on trucks. Prime FoodService through Acumatica tie this technology in to its streamlined, cloud-based system in areas such as reporting and real-time dashboards.


An extension of that technology is the use of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to power business decisions, a key technology for distributors, according to the IFDA. This field of technology is focused on using advanced systems to not only aggregate and analyze data, but also to use that data to make decisions or take actions without the need for human involvement. This is a wide-ranging field, constantly evolving, and has the most potential ways to impact distributors operations. The whitepaper notes opportunities for AI and ML improvements in back office operations, transportation, customer experience, and more. Acumatica with Prime FoodService offers more than just the typical AI experience, however, with advanced functions that allow the system to alert users when it’s time to re-order inventory or when to hire a new employee to meet needs, just to name a pair of functions.


By choosing to implement a complete ERP solution such as Prime FoodService built in Acumatica, food distributors will empower themselves with the tools they need to embrace these emerging technologies. This will enable them to maximize efficiency and growth all while remaining top of mind with customers.

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