Acumatica Prepares Companies to Thrive in the New Digital Economy

Are you prepared for the digital economy? The answer may surprise you. Even though most companies have seen the need to switch from analog to modern systems, it doesn't mean they are automatically prepared for whatever the digital business world brings.

Let's take a look at what you need to face the digital economy with confidence, and how Acumatica can help you do that.

The Future of Digital Transformation

The Future of Digital Transformation

Preparing your business for the future involves more than establishing a digital business; one with records and information on a screen instead of on paper. It involves embracing technology, not just house your information, but to take your business to the next level. Finding ways to make technology work for you in various aspects of your business will improve efficiency, drive sales, and increase profits.

Digital Transformation in Action

Acumatica Cloud ERP has proven its ability to integrate digital information in a way that saves users time and money. Recently Acumatica demonstrated this in its latest version of Expense Management. After taking a picture of a company receipt, Acumatica has the capability of doing OCR (optical character recognition). It reads the receipt, makes connections, and is able to fill that information into the expense reimbursement request.

In the past, someone would have had to manually enter this information in order to continue processing, but Acumatica has developed a way to do that automatically. This is just one example of how Acumatica is launching new ways for you to use technology to take your company to the next level.

Digital Transformation in Action

Why Acumatica is Prepared

With companies driving digital transformation, you want to be well prepared and ahead of the game. The way to do that is by utilizing a product that was developed in a digital time frame. Acumatica came on the market in 2010, while almost every other product was on the market in 2000, some even in the early 1990s. So Acumatica starts out ahead of the game. Born in the cloud and in a digital age, Acumatica is a pioneer in digital transformation.

With over 6,500 customers worldwide, Acumatica is the fastest growing ERP cloud product on the market. And rightly so. Developed with the future of digital transformation in mind, Acumatica is the best path for transforming your business to not just survive, but thrive in the new digital economy.

Why Acumatica is Prepared

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