3 Reasons Acumatica is Leading the Cloud ERP Market

Businesses are communicating remotely now more than ever. It is vital that companies have a reliable, up-to-date view of the state of their business as well as solutions that can be utilized anytime from anywhere.

A well-equipped ERP platform is the key. But which platform should you choose? As the fastest-growing cloud ERP product on the market, many industry experts recommend Acumatica.

What makes Acumatica stand out above its competitors? Let’s take a look at 3 reasons.


Acumatica is passionate about innovation and building for the future. They continue to invest in machine learning, natural language processing, and mobile technology to support their customer's operational workflows.

As an example, in Acumatica’s latest version of Expense Management, they created a feature that uses OCR (optical character recognition) to read a photo of a company receipt, make connections, and fill that information into the expense reimbursement request.

In the past, someone would have had to manually enter this information in order to continue processing, but Acumatica has developed a way to do that automatically. This is just one example of the ways Acumatica is innovating to save companies time and money.

Industry Focus

Industry editions are another major advantage that Acumatica brings to the table. These editions are designed with your industry's needs in mind. They provide specialized ERP solutions and capabilities for several different industries. Notice the editions that Acumatica offers:

  • Distribution Edition: Ideal for wholesale and distribution companies that need integrated financials and inventory to manage their supply chain and logistic activities
  • Manufacturing Edition: Integrate production planning, material purchasing, and shop floor scheduling. Ideal for managing multi-plant activities
  • Commerce Edition: Designed for retailers that need integrated E-Commerce and advanced financial and inventory capabilities
  • Field Service Edition: Provides capabilities to manage field service appointments and track and optimize operations
  • Construction Edition: Easily manages customers, finances (including job cost accounting), and field service team capabilities


Acumatica clients consistently express their satisfaction with the system's simple, easy to use platform. A major reason for this is that Acumatica was designed for the cloud. All applications can be accessed anytime, anywhere, allowing you to stay connected at all times, even from a mobile device.

In addition, because it was built for the cloud, Acumatica integrates seamlessly with any applications you may already be using. It was designed to harmonize with your current cloud platforms, meaning you can stay connected with your previous investment and application decisions.


A reliable ERP system will help businesses not only survive but thrive during this time of remote workers and digital teams. Acumatica continues to prove its worth as an ERP platform. With forward-thinking innovation, industry-specific editions, and an easy to use platform, it's no wonder why Acumatica is leading the ERP market today.

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