Use the Interactive Acumatica Cloud ERP Estimator Tool to Calculate Cost Savings and Business Benefits

What is the financial impact of adopting Acumatica Cloud ERP? Acumatica has worked with Forrester Consulting to provide three resources to help you measure the “Total Economic Impact of Acumatica.

  • Report: The Total Economic Impact™ of Acumatica

Forrester interviewed four Acumatica about the results they have had since going live on their Cloud ERP systems. This study is packed with actual statistics on the benefits of Cloud ERP adoption measured over a three year period.

Download the full 31-page report

  • Infographic: Real-Life Customer Cloud ERP Results

To get a high-level summary of the full report, Acumatica has created an infographic.

Download the infographic

  • Interactive ROI Tool: “Forrester Total Economic Impact Tool.”

Based on the detailed study Acumatica commissioned a “Forrester Total Economic Impact Tool to help companies estimate their cost savings and business benefits. This interactive model enables you to calculate your custom ROI for adopting Acumatica Cloud ERP. You can easily use this tool on a mobile device too.

First, you are asked to choose your current environment:

  • No ERP
  • Traditional On-premises system
  • Cloud ERP system

Based on your answer, the other questions will change to suit your needs. A response is given for each, as a starting reference point, but you should change the numbers to represent your business.

As you answer, the “Benefits by Category” graphic will adjust to give you a preview of the results.

Report: The Total Economic Impact of Acumatica

The real results are sent after you fill in the short registration form.

Once the form is completed, you will receive a “financial summary”. This is a high-level financial summary of risk-adjusted cash flow over three years. The graphs help you to visualize the results, but each of the calculations is provided in detail.

Report: The Total Economic Impact of Acumatica -2

You can choose to adjust your answers and re-run the calculations.  Then, when you are ready, you can download a very professional looking 17 page PDF report that is ready to present to your team.

Total Economic Impact of Acumatica from Forrester


Run your numbers in the Acumatica Cloud ERP Estimator tool today

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