ERP System Evaluation Checklist

ERP System Evaluation ChecklistSelecting an ERP system to run your business is a critical decision that will affect your company for years to come. You should evaluate multiple systems but you will find that many providers offer the same or similar features, and it can be confusing to sort out what's essential and what's not.

If you are having trouble identifying which ERP system is best our checklist can help. Download the “ERP System Evaluation Checklist”.

Why use this ERP System Evaluation Checklist?

By identifying what features are offered by ERP vendors, you can rank how important they are for your business, from highest to lowest priority. You can then make an informed decision on which system is best for you.

We have broken down different features and benefits of ERP vendors and spread them across 5 different categories:

Category 1: Productivity

These 9 features and benefits cover: What can the product do to make you and your staff more productive?

Category 2: Functionality

These 10 features and benefits cover: What features and functions do the product have that actually perform the daily accounting and business management functions?

Category 3: Technology

These 10 features and benefits cover: Does the product leverage technology for mobility, usability, customizability, and maintainability?

Category 4: Value

These 6 features and benefits cover: How does the product maximize features and functions vs. cost for the usable lifetime of the product?

Category 5: Risk

These 10 features and benefits cover: How does the product minimize risk and facilitate security (both network and financial security)?

How can you use this checklist?

You deserve an ERP system that gives you what you need. What may be a high priority for your company may not be that important for someone else. If you understand what your business needs are, both short and long term, you can decide which features will set you up for success.

You can use this checklist by looking through the features and benefits in each category and order them as most to least important for your company.

The following is a practical example of how this checklist can help you:

  • A company puts a high value on the feature Intuitive, which gives the benefit of being easy to learn and use. However, that same company does not currently need Multi-currency, which allows you to work in any currency and convert as needed. So you can make Multi-currency a low priority, while still identifying if the product you are evaluating has it included. Then you will know for the future if you feel your company needs might change.

Easier For You

To make it easy to get started, we have already included a column to show you what is included in Acumatica.

We know the process of finding the right ERP system can feel overwhelming. But by using our checklist, you know what to look for. You can then feel confident that you are paying for an ERP system that will deliver on what is most important for you.

If you are ready to stop worrying and start working on your company's future, view these 45 features and benefits on the "ERP System Evaluation Checklist". Let us help you pick the right ERP system for your business.

Are you ready to evaluate Acumatica or Microsoft Dynamics GP? Contact CAL Business Solutions at or 860-485-0910 x4.

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