4 Reasons We Say Acumatica Is Designed to Give Your Company Exactly What It Needs

If there’s anything we’ve learned over the past few months, it’s that our daily life can change unexpectedly. For businesses, this means the key to success lies in being prepared for whatever circumstances may arise. Right now, that includes thriving in the age of remote workers and virtual teams. How can companies successfully meet this challenge and be prepared for future unexpected changes? Acumatica can help. Here are a few key reasons why Acumatica design can provide precisely what your company needs.

Acumatica Designed for the Cloud

Acumatica was designed for the cloud. When you have a distributed workforce and need an organized way to keep everyone on the same page, a cloud ERP system is essential. Because it was designed for the cloud, Acumatica eliminates the worry of what functions will transfer to remote work, and you can be confident everything will run smoothly.

An ERP system that runs in the cloud allows for remote access, anytime, anywhere. No matter what the future brings, you can be confident in your ability to access all the information you need. Never feel disconnected or out of the loop. You have the power to connect to your business no matter where you are, even using a mobile device.

Stay Connected

Most businesses use multiple cloud services, and likely you do too. What you need is an ERP system that will integrate seamlessly with the applications you are already using. Acumatica was designed to do just that.

Acumatica allows you to connect with your current cloud platforms easily. This means that you and your remote employees can upgrade to Acumatica and still stay connected with old investment and application decisions you’ve made.

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Deployment Flexibility

While many systems require you to use their cloud hosting, Acumatica lets you make the call. You can run Acumatica on a private hosting service, public cloud, or on-premise. You know the hosting needs of your company, so choose what fits you the best. Acumatica will provide the same great experience no matter which option you choose.

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Pricing that Makes Sense

One of the biggest advantages of Acumatica is its pricing structure. Pricing is based on the number of applications you use, not the number of people using them. This way, you can add casual users, suppliers, and customers as you need, with no extra charge. It is a pricing structure that makes sense. Pay for what you use, not for who is using it.

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Acumatica design gives your company exactly what it needs, in good times and bad. Here at CAL, we understand your business and the challenges that change brings. And while we can’t predict the future, we can help you implement a system that will fit your needs no matter what the future brings your way.

Are you ready to evaluate Acumatica? Let’s start the conversation. Contact CAL Business Solutions at sales@calszone.com or 860-485-0910x4.

By CAL Business Solutions, Acumatica and Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner, www.calszone.com/acumatica

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