Updated: 2020 ERP Evaluation Checklist Leads You to a Smart Buying Decision

In one of the very first posts we wrote on this blog site, we showcased a new ERP evaluation checklist written by Acumatica. This handy document gave ERP buyers a macro view of what to look for in each of the vendors on their short list and helped them narrow it down to the best fit. This checklist was pretty revolutionary in that it saved decision-makers hours of research, helping them zero in on what was most important and finding their best ERP match fast.

Now, fast forward four years later. In this relatively brief time, the ERP market has become even more crowded. The vendor landscape has shifted significantly. Some vendors at the top of the market then have since been outpaced by other companies who were brand new to the market at the time.


Just like before, the 2020 ERP evaluation checklist helps buyers compare their options across five major categories. These are productivity, functionality, technology, value and risk. Let’s take a quick look at what each one covers.

2020 ERP Evaluation Checklist: Key Categories Covered

  1. Productivity – What tools and features does each product offer that could help your staff get more done in less time?
  2. Functionality – What features does the product include to help you manage the business from day-to-day.
    Pro tip: this is where it’s easy to get bogged down in the ERP evaluation process. Many of the systems will offer features that look nearly identical. And, while looking at the features each ERP offers is important, it is rarely the determining factor in a buying decision. More often, that comes down to the four other categories we’ll discuss here.
  3. Technology – Is the product growing with current technology trends? Will it help or hinder your efforts to adapt?
  4. Value – Does the product offer a variety of features and functionalities versus cost? Be sure to consider the lifetime cost here, not just the cost to get started. For more information on calculating the total cost of ownership for a new ERP system, visit this webpage.
  5. Risk – Will the product help you minimize your business risk and make your most crucial data more secure?

While the categories may not have changed, the items they include reflect recent shifts in the ERP market and in ERP buying habits. So, if you’re ready to take your ERP buying process from being stuck in analysis paralysis to choosing the solution that is best for your business, this checklist can help. Get your copy now!


Need hands-on help to choose which ERP system is best for your business needs? We can help. Schedule your consultation with one of our ERP experts. We have nearly 30 years’ experience matching businesses of all shapes and sizes with the technology they need to be successful.

By: Laura Schomaker, Intelligent Technologies Inc., a North Carolina Acumatica and Microsoft partner. www.inteltech.com

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