Acumatica’s Customer Bill of Rights – For Your Protection

Acumatica Customer Bill of Rights

Customers Deserve Better Business Practices from Cloud Application Providers

Acumatica stands behind its product as a top-rated Cloud ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution, and they require high standards from their vendors. Acumatica believes, and we second that belief, that customers deserve best practices and high-quality service when it comes to the purchase, implementation, and ongoing support of its product.

To that end, Acumatica has drafted its Customer Bill of Rights, setting forth the ten certain, inalienable rights that they believe all Acumatica customers have a right to expect from their partners.

Knowing and understanding your rights as a customer will go a long way toward choosing a qualified partner and making your Acumatica Cloud ERP implementation project a success.

Your rights as an Acumatica customer

A bill of rights is a document or piece of legislation setting out the rights or entitlements of a particular group or class of people, in this case, Acumatica customers. Are you an Acumatica user, or are you considering a move to the best business management solution for transforming your company to thrive in the digital economy? If so, here is Acumatica’s Customer Bill of Rights as it applies to you.

You have the right to expect:

     1. An easy to understand and not frequently changing SaaS end-user license agreement (EULA)

Some cloud providers think nothing of modifying their terms of use at whim.  End-user license agreements” (or EULAs), govern what you can expect from Acumatica and your vendor. When the vendor can change the EULA whenever they want, you, as a customer, have no assurance that they won’t cut corners or reduce services regardless of the impact on your business.


     2. A flexible, open platform that allows for rapid integration

Some technology solutions are built with “proprietary code.” That means you can’t modify them without hiring a high-priced, professionally certified expert who knows their code. Even then, they won’t be able to edit everything in that ‘black box’ of a code. Acumatica has an open platform, the Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform, that does not impose those restrictions on modification.


     3. Consumption-based licensing that does not limit business growth

Most ERP solution vendors charge for each additional user, and that could be a roadblock when it comes to adding team members to your user list. Acumatica allows for unlimited users. You have the incentive to grow your business without having to worry about how much it will cost to license additional users as you onboard new employees.


     4. Sustainable pricing with annual increases of no more than 3% when necessary

Subscription-based pricing reduces your capital expenditure, but the downside of this is never knowing how much your operating expenses will change from one year to the next. Vendors might try to take advantage of you by starting you off with a low teaser rate and then substantially increasing your rate after you’re locked-in to their service. With your right to sustainable pricing, there are no big surprises.


     5. ERP implementation without hidden fees

Don’t you hate hidden fees? Everyone does. Some ERP vendors don’t seem to hate hidden costs as much as they should (probably because it helps them boost their margins – at your expense). Acumatica is with you when it comes to the subject of hidden fees: they hate them too. You have the right to know, upfront, what the total cost of owning, implementing, and operating Acumatica will be.


     6. Deployment flexibility

Most ERP vendors offer you only limited choice when it comes to deployment.  Acumatica gives you the freedom to choose where you want your ERP and data stored. Although it’s a cloud solution, Acumatica gives you the choice of deploying your ERP on-premises, in the cloud, or hosted. Even better, you can switch back and forth between deployment options at will, or as your company’s needs evolve.


     7. Access to your data, anytime

Regardless of whether your data is stored in the cloud, on-premises, or hosted, it’s your data. It belongs to you. And with Acumatica, it will be available to you anytime, anywhere.


     8. Qualified, reliable, 24/7 customer service

Business never stops, especially now that Cloud ERP guarantees anytime, anywhere access to your business data and processes. Customer service needs to be available whenever you need it. With Acumatica, you’ll have the 24/7 customer service your modern business deserves. Guaranteed.


     9. Local business expertise

When it comes to ERP implementation, service, maintenance, and support, you have a right to work with a consultant with whom you can build a relationship. The only way to accomplish that is by working with a local expert. Acumatica is the world’s fastest-growing Cloud ERP provider, with more than 345 partners serving its thousands of customers.


     10. Outstanding support

Training is handled by our expert Acumatica VARs without hidden fees. And the Acumatica Open University is a fantastic, free resource available to anyone who wants to learn about Acumatica’s cloud ERP software.

And here’s a bonus right: 99.5% uptime guaranteed

Downtime stops your business in its tracks. With Acumatica, you have a right to keep your business up and running virtually all the time. You’d be surprised to learn how rare this level of guaranteed uptime is for many cloud services.

Selecting the right partner is as important as choosing the right software solution. Acumatica makes it easier for you by posting it’s Customer Bill of Rights. Choose a partner who is as committed to your success as you are.

Since 1996, Dynamic Tech Services has been helping companies across a wide range of industries discover the benefits of ERP. As an Acumatica Gold Certified Partner, our team of experts, including two multi-year Acumatica MVP award winners, focuses on helping our Acumatica Cloud ERP customers use modern technology to compete at a high level with a lower cost of ownership. We began working with Acumatica Cloud ERP in 2011, making us one of the most senior partners in the world. Hear from our customers about our services and read our Customer Case Studies, and then contact us to get your organization moving in the right direction.


By Dynamic Tech Services,
an Atlanta-Based National Acumatica Gold-Certified Partner



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