Technology Fuels Flexibility to Adapt Food Distribution Business Processes on the Fly

In the current, unprecedented world climate many major industries are finding themselves unexpectedly having to switch vital job processes at a rapid rate. While industries of all types have been heavily impacted, few have felt the rapid change more acutely than food distribution providers.

Many massive retailers and logistics providers, including major players such as US Foods, have switched their primary markets from the food service industry to the suddenly booming market of grocery store supply. With this change in focus comes a drastic change in business needs, including a need for a more adaptable and flexible ERP solution, such as the Prime FoodService Software built within the Acumatica Cloud ERP solution.

With the rapidly changing economic situation forcing these companies to change their operations, Prime Food Service offers key tools to empower businesses and their users, such as the ability to easily add users during surge times to keep productivity high, as well as the ability to adapt roles for users in the event of sudden illness, key to offsetting a loss of efficiency. All critical data on the business and its customers is stored in one place, the cloud, meaning there is no lengthy transfer of data required when a new user is added in or a new role is assigned. Users can immediately be granted permission to access the data. This ease also translates into the financial realm, as businesses are not charged per user, meaning there are no added costs for employing temporary users if they are not retained. All pricing is based instead on the amount of data used.

Prime Food Service also increases efficiency by offering a wide-range of in-process improvements for suppliers, all designed to tackle problems unique to the food supply industry. Keyboard shortcuts for order entry, automatic catch-weight calculation, and customer specific order guides all enhance the order taking and entry process, while suggested items and cross-sell opportunities are an easy way to increase profitability by increasing up-sells.

Learn more about how Prime FoodService Software helps meet prime-time demand here.

By engaging Prime FoodService, built into Acumatica Cloud ERP, food distributors are able to gain an advantage in these uncertain times through tools designed specifically to increase efficiency, ease of use, and productivity, and allowing for rapid and flexible responses to the ever-changing market’s needs.

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